Zeitlofs: rough gesture for silent helpers

Zeitlofs: rough gesture for silent helpers

When matthias hauke heard that there were concerts again – at least in hesse – he immediately sat down at his computer. "The tickets were sold out within minutes", reports the 35-year-old, who has been mayor of zeitlofs since may. The village rockers played at the hessenmuhle in kleinluder, about 15 kilometers west of fulda. From zeitlofs it’s almost a cat’s jump. Hauke knows the musicians. In 2012 and 2014 the boys played at the zeitlofs fire department festival, in the very north of the county. And so an unusual idea was born.

Next monday, 29. June, the municipality will host an open air on the sports field. "All the silent helpers in the community are invited", declares the mayor. About 120 people, he estimates, were there. Silent helpers like the ullrich company from zeitlofs. While masks were missing everywhere, the company reacted spontaneously and produced 25 masks in its own nearby factory.000 mouth and nose protectors.

Lifesaver is honored

The company is a specialist for machine protective covers. The material is very suitable for protective clothing, explains managing director richard ullrich. "Our employees worked overtime." the masks had been delivered to hanau. The district of bad kissingen bought the rough part for the disaster control. The company also supplied 5000 coats, also for civil protection, and protective overalls for the fire departments of the municipality. "We said: we will help until there are enough masks", says erika ullrich.

But not only the employees of the company ullrich are on the guest list of the open air concert. The doctor’s office and the senior citizens’ home, the kindergarten and fire department officials, the two emergency doctors and the nursing service, the community employees and the helpers of the four shopping initiatives of the coarse community are also on board. "We want to thank our silent helpers", says hauke.

A silent hero is also lukas stachon. On 13. June he saved his neighbor’s life. He caught him when he fell from his balcony and was unharmed. The case attracted national attention. Antenne bayern honors the life saver. The certificate will be handed over by the mayor during the concert. The remaining tickets – officially 200 visitors are admitted – are available from thursday in the local bakery schneider and the butcher’s shop schumann in weibenbach in the advance sale.

Celebrating with distance

The village rockers, that are the brothers markus, tobias and philipp thomann from hassbergen. With their "hero concerts they have found a niche. Your song "silent heroes, together with the duo "schokkverliebt" they can be had recorded from home, moved millions of. On 13. In june, their concert in kleinluder was shown on ARD’s brisant program. Small groups of women stand on a meadow in front of the stage, on each table there is disinfectant – that’s how concert life goes in the corona era.

It will be similar in zeitlofs too. In circles of three meters in diameter, a maximum of six people stand together at one table. To ensure that the audience does not get too close to each other, there is a distance of two meters between the circles. "Everyone has to sign up on a form", explains the mayor. This way, in the event of an infection, it would be possible to trace who was celebrating at which table.

Who moves on the land, must wear a mouth and nose protection. During the concert itself, however, the masks may be taken off. "There will also be critics who say: does it have to be this way??", hauke is aware. But he sees no problem in the organization. The hygiene concept had been approved by the district office.

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