World economic prize for nobel prize winners and entrepreneurs

World economic prize for nobel prize winners and entrepreneurs

Former finnish president martti ahtisaari, israeli-american economist daniel kahneman and U.S. Entrepreneur nathan eagle were honored with the non-endowed award. German president joachim gauck was also present.

With this award, the institut fur weltwirtschaft (i), the city of kiel and the chamber of industry and commerce each honor an outstanding politician, scientist or entrepreneur who has rendered outstanding services as a pioneer of a cosmopolitan, free-market society.

The three laureates had made groundbreaking contributions to understanding the new economic world. According to i-president dennis snowers, it combines the goal of gaining new insights into the fundamentals of human cooperation, he said in explanation.

74-year-old former finnish president (1994-2000) ahtisaari helped ease tensions and pave the way for peaceful development as UN special envoy to namibia and EU envoy to kosovo. According to i, the work of the psychologist and economist kahneman (78) inspired a new generation of economists to no longer view economic actors as strictly rational, but as emotionally acting and sometimes erring human beings.

The third laureate, jana-grunder eagle (35) from california, developed a software platform to enable direct contact with cell phone owners, especially in developing countries.

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