Verdi wants to get significantly more out of the 2018 collective bargaining round

Verdi wants to get significantly more out of the 2018 collective bargaining round

Ahead of the 2018 collective bargaining for the public sector, frank bsirske, head of the union, has called for a significantly higher settlement than in previous rounds of negotiations.

"We need a higher level in the conclusion than in the collective bargaining rounds of the past years," bsirske told the deutsche presse-agentur in berlin. Negotiations for more than two million federal and municipal employees begin in february.

The union’s federal bargaining committee had already brought table increases totaling 6 percent with a social component into play. Training wages to increase by more than 6 percent. In addition, there is to be a free local transport ticket.

Verdi, the civil servants’ association dbb and other participating unions intend to present their demands to the 8. February present. Negotiations begin in potsdam at the end of february.

"The results must correspond with the economic environment," said bsirske. "In the economy, there are excellent profit expectations, unemployment is falling," says the union chairman. "Competition for qualified specialists is becoming much fiercer."

In the last round so far, unions and employers had agreed in 2016 on a total increase of almost five percent over two years. In potsdam, old acquaintances will meet again: as in previous years, the president of the association of municipal employers (VKA), thomas bohle, will lead the collective bargaining negotiations.

In the upcoming collective bargaining round, digitization in the administration and the controversial uniform collective bargaining act also played a role. At a meeting of its members, the VKA called for the avoidance of conflicting collective agreements in a single company. The VKA called on the unions to avoid possible collisions by delimiting their areas of responsibility or by forming negotiating groups.

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