Unsafe at the wheel

A 51-year-old woman from schwabach caught the eye of a witness on tuesday afternoon due to extreme snaking on the A 3 from pommersfelden in the direction of the furth/erlangen interchange. He reported the incident to the erlangen traffic police, who were able to stop the vehicle in the construction zone at the furth/erlangen intersection.

The drive was characterized by extreme serpentine lines, with the driver veering off the road to the right into the shoulder and from there steering back across the main carriageway. Shortly before a collision with the central guardrail, she steered her vehicle back onto the lanes of traffic. These maneuvers often took place at speeds between 60 and 130 kilometers per hour, regularly endangering other road users. Collusion resp. Traffic accidents could be prevented by the attention of other drivers.

A breathalyzer test came back negative, but the woman said she had taken medication that caused her to drive erratically. Therefore, a blood sample was taken

The vehicle key was handed over to the son, who brought the vehicle home safely.

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