Ubersee container does not land in kirchlauter

Ubersee container does not land in kirchlauter

Stung in the sea and flag hoisted: the members of the kirchlauter town council dealt with an unusual request from two applicants at their meeting on tuesday evening at the school. It was about the erection of an ubersee-container.

To anticipate the result: no container terminal will be built in the lautergrund and the small river will not be made navigable. Contrary to the proposal from the building authority of the ebelsbach administrative community, the committee refused the necessary approval with one dissenting vote. And this is how it happened. The "builders want to place the container with a length of six meters (with a width and height of 2.5 meters) next to a machine hall on the staatsstrabe between kirch- and weikartslauter. "An impossibility", as mayor jochen steppert found, the "looks like a burial sign when you come from kottendorf, because it was the first building recognizable". Not a "nice business card the majority of the council.

Forwarding to the district office

From a purely legal point of view, it was said in the statement of the building administration, this was a project in the area of the acreage, whereby it was not a matter of a privileged farmer, who could hardly be legally talked out of such considerations. "The district administration is rather cautious when it comes to projects in the area of the eaves", the building authority said that since no community concerns were involved, consent should be granted and the matter forwarded to the district administration for further assessment.

"I, too, am hesitant about such plans in the area of the eaves cautious", mayor steppert signaled rejection. And he felt strengthened by the legal situation: "if such a thing is not moved for a quarter of a year, it is considered a building and must go through the appropriate approval procedures." second mayor robert muckelbauer (CSU) even argued about the wording, according to which "municipal concerns not touched: "if it is a matter of the townscape and we are doing environmental protection measures everywhere, then it is very much our business."

When asked about the type of use, mayor steppert shrugged his shoulders, which gave rise to the wildest speculations. In the end, however, the erection of the container was rejected not for moral reasons, but for visual reasons.

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