Two dead and two seriously injured after shooting in pub

Two dead and two seriously injured after shooting in pub

In a violent crime at a guesthouse in traunreut, upper bavaria, the perpetrator shot two men and seriously injured two women. The alleged perpetrator, a 62-year-old man, was caught in the immediate vicinity shortly after the crime on saturday evening.

Until sunday, the background of the bloody crime remained open: "we are at the beginning of the investigation," said police spokesman jurgen thalmeier. Police believe the victims and the alleged perpetrator knew each other.

The perpetrator had entered the pub "hex – hex" on saturday around 22.30 o’clock entered. According to the investigation so far, only the two men and the two women were still there as guests. The perpetrator, a german citizen of the state of hamburg, then shot his victims abruptly with a repeating rifle. The two manneres, both 31 years old, died. The women at the age of 28 and 50 years came with heavy injuries into the hospital. According to police, they are in danger of death. According to the police, all victims are also german citizens.

A resident had heard the shots and alerted the police. Soon there were numerous emergency vehicles with blue lights in front of the crime scene. The shooter was on the run at the time – the police immediately launched a manhunt. It eventually led to success and the arrest of the man.

During the following questioning he came under urgent suspicion of the crime. He did not have the murder weapon with him at the time. The rifle was seized a short time later in the man’s apartment, police spokesman thalmeier said. The police did not initially have any information on the motive for the crime. The two surviving victims could not be questioned at first. "At this point in time, any further information regarding the course of events and the motive was speculative and ours," thalmeier said.

At the request of the traunstein public prosecutor’s office, the investigating judge issued a placement order against the suspected offender on sunday. He was taken to a psychiatric hospital.

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