Town hall storm: mayor rene schlehr in custody

Town hall storm: mayor rene schlehr in custody

Punctually at 11.11 o’clock the fools of the CCK (kirchschonbach) stormed the town hall in prichsenstadt and took mayor rene schlehr into custody. The superiority of the fools, whose enterprise was still supported by the kirchschonbacher kirchweihjugend, was far more coarse, than it suspected burgermeister schlehr.

Powerless night watchmen

All the resistance of the two night watchmen hermann schlobnagel and rainer-martin assel at the entrance to the town hall was of no avail. The council of eleven was simply stronger and schlehr recognized his helplessness and ordered the night watchers to stop their resistance.

CCK-president daniel lorey ordered: "you mayor listen to me, it’s over now with your rest. We fools marched today and you will be presented the bill. We will now, above all, bring life back to our little town. Until ash wednesday, we’ll be making a racket here and letting off steam in the town hall, too."

Mayor deposed

The "eleven" were handcuffed and led by the handcuffs the mayor off. They were quite violent in their dealings with the head of the town council. " so let my eleven in now, or we’ll break your arms and legs", threatened the CCK president. A minor wound on the mayor’s wrist showed that the jesters were not joking about taking over the town hall. "Last but not least you fools, you did it, the mayor is deposed", schlehr gave up. But there was still a strengthening for the last time. With beer and wine, there was a lot of cheering, singing and swaying, then the head of the town could retire after a while. "Until ash wednesday", so he promised the fools.

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