The vocal studio and theater “tausendkunst” dares to return

The vocal studio and theater 'tausendkunst' dares to return

A long seven-month drought lies behind the small cultural institution in herzogenaurach, which opened its doors in april 2019. For this spring the corona pandemic began and considerable restrictions had to be taken into account. The two operators of the small stage "tausendkunst" point this out but who now want to step back into the public eye more often.

The year of events of the vocal studio and theater "auberordentlich gut" had been very successful started, report cornelia schmid and christian kaltenhauber. The audience welcomed the first opera production of "tausendkunst", telemann’s "pimpinone, and the community singing "sing yourself free on friday" outstanding. But corona put an end to that a year later.

Although the singing lessons started again after a forced break also during the corona-peak period, it is communicated. It can also continue at the moment, either in prasenzunterricht or through an online platform. But events and small concert formats were held in the "gesangstudio theater tausendkunst" not possible for a long time.

Air filters in action

The operators cornelia schmid and christian kaltenhauber now dare to take the step back into the public, under strict observance of all measures to prevent infections. "Of course, we also have a sustainable hygiene concept that is strictly applied", says kaltenhauber. And added: "in the teaching situation we run an air filter device, and we will also get a suitable system for events." such an investment is of course not easy to make, but the two want to take the plunge. There is nothing else left for them, they say.

The two professional musicians want to get back into events with three very different formats.

101 masterpieces

Starting in mid october, three monday evenings will provide an exciting 90-minute look at "101 masterpieces". These are rough works of symphonic music, how they affect us, and what certain musical means trigger in us. The first date of the lecture series is already the coming monday, 12. October.

Starting at 8 p.M., norbert engelmann, composer, arranger, conductor and trombonist, will take the audience on a journey to the film music of "jurassic park" by john williams immerse. Other dates are 9. November and the 21. December.

Scary walk

Cornelia schmid and christian kaltenhauber then show a completely different facet of their skills in "schaurig ist’s … An eerily funny walk in the dohnwald". The program is made up of ballads and songs to scare and amuse, and was already performed once in herzogenaurach in 2016.

"The concept of "schaurig ist’s" (it’s scary) is perfect for an open-air event, the audience goes from station to station, and there, as if out of nowhere, the individual pieces are performed" tells schmid. Of course there will be one or the other surprise along the one kilometer long route, because "we want to make art for a broad audience, with ambition, but also always with a wink of the eye"."

The stroll will have its premiere on saturday, 31 december.October, from 7 pm, further performances are planned for the 7. And 21. November planned.

Fairy tales for adults

Also in november there will be marchen-cabaret at tausendkunst, but indoors. The marchen-player and cabaret artist marla saris presents her new program "der spiegelsaal", where they are musically supported by peter willert on piano. In a wide variety of roles – including that of a lyrical guardian angel – marla saris will take the adult audience on a pointed and lively tour through fairy tales and their analogies to the present day. And of course elfriede, the retiree, who has many from herzo.TV contributions is known, also some to say about it. On saturday, 14. November, from 7 pm the premiere will take place, other dates are 28. November and the 5. December. All tickets for the above events are available only in advance, it is further informed. There will be no box office. "This is an important part of our hygiene concept. The visitors have fixed places, the entrance and all other procedures must be regulated, there are no queues", declares kaltenhauber. "We are very much looking forward to being there for our audience again and hope that our events can take place" he concludes.

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