The fire department is always there when you need it

The fire department is always there when you need it

Hannelore lobensteiner and manfred geitz have been active in the obernbreit fire department for 40 years. For their decades of volunteer work, they were honored by deputy district administrator robert finster at the annual meeting on saturday evening. The reports made clear how important the defense is for life in the village.

There is, for example, the "island festival" in the area of the proschelswiese, which chairman werner freudinger described as having the charm of "a private garden party," but which by no means only attracts people from obernbreit to the festival grounds. In its third edition last year, it "exceeded all expectations" and will certainly be held again this year.

A "successful and enjoyable evening", in the spirit of comradeship, was also the celebration of the 140th anniversary of the fire department (we reported), which not only threw light on the history of the jubilee, but also offered the opportunity to award deserving firefighters.

Of course, social life is only one, albeit important, aspect of the fire department. The focus is still on fire protection and technical assistance. And the 41-member squad completed a total of 18 missions in 2017, including seven fires, as commandant sebastian grun summed up. This is only possible if the training is appropriate, which was done in eleven training sessions.

Youth work is important for the fire brigade. Sebastian finger reported on seven wardens who met almost weekly for training sessions. To make the fire department more attractive for the new generation, mayor bernhard bruckner wished for a fire department children troop. In his pit speech, he promised that the desire for a new vehicle would be included in the council’s budget discussions.

Bruckner made it clear how important the fire department is for events in the town with one sentence: "the fire department is always there when you need it."To make it even more effective, the entertainment committee was expanded to include dominik rippel, antonia ruhl and julia finger.

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