The end for the sea festival

The end for the sea festival

The new stage was associated with high hopes for the coburg summer operetta. 25 years after its foundation, the club moved from waldbuhne heldritt to obermain in 2018. In the spa gardens of bad staffelstein the "seefestspiele" should take place from now on establish. Gernot kranner from vienna could be won as director (after martin heim had left at short notice), who was full of verve for a spirited and witty production of the "bat" cared. At that time, there was already talk of financial burdens, so success for the organizing association would be very important. But it was also clear that after the change of location it would take time to become a brand again. The criticisms of the stucco were positive throughout, but at the same time the expected teething problems became apparent in the rows of spectators, which were not completely filled.

Around the turn of the year, considerations for another season were still in limbo, but in february the non-profit association declared its insolvency and filed for bankruptcy. However, the court ruled against him for "lack of mass" rejected: the association’s budget did not cover the costs of such a procedure.

For chairwoman adelheid frankenberger, the development is bitter. "We wanted everyone to get their money, that was our goal", she told this newspaper yesterday. With "we" she is referring to the three-person board of directors, which, in her words, is also financially involved in the "summer operetta" project had brought in. She mentioned a total of 70 000 euros in the past years. Since 2008 frankenberger is at the head of the club. Unfortunately, she found out far too late about the extent of the inherited burdens of the past, said the coburg woman, referring to around 140,000 euros. However, the coburger tageblatt has a certificate of the previous annual result for 2007, in which a loss of around 9800 euros is mentioned.

The old burdens had always been dragged along, but frankenberger was of the opinion that they could make it, he said. For ten years, the cultural operation could also be continued, and showed – as far as the response of the audience was concerned – quite some success. Three seasons of bad weather had aggravated the situation recently. The decision to change the venue was made when heldritt had to pay a considerably higher fee per ticket sold, while no rent was charged in bad staffelstein. Even at that time, there were reports of people being damaged by the "summer operetta" still had money to get. Now also on the spot bills remained open. For example, about 30 000 euros in the hotel "sonnenblick" in schwabthal, which hosted a group of actors for up to eight weeks. Nevertheless, the landlady praises the performances and believes that such cultural events need to be supported.

Theater is always dependent on funding. Concepts must be presented before applications can be made. Sponsors must also be sought again and again, emphasized adelheid frankenberger. In principle, every year is "a ride on the razor’s edge" been. A high level of personal commitment is shown to the board of management by lawyer dr. Manuela wittmann, kronach, who acted as an expert for the court after the insolvency application, confirms this. Now, however, those responsible are facing not only the end of the game, but also several criminal charges from debtors themselves. According to the coburg public prosecutor’s office, the investigation to confirm or rule out a suspicion of fraud was allowed to drag on for several months.

In view of the imminent move to the sea stage, the association received 80,000 euros in funding from the bavarian government last spring. Cultural fund promised as start-up financing. With this money, the club would have remained solvent according to the assessment of the chairmen.

But it has never flowed, confirmed the government of upper franconia on monday. A spokesman said that more information will be provided later on.

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