The drained main moor forest

The drained main moor forest

At the end of the four-year construction project, representatives of the city, the state forestry agency, the engineering office and the civil engineering department gathered to inspect the drainage and hydraulic engineering project along the armeestrabe.

In the future, rainwater and surface water will be drained from the main moor forest via the newly constructed stream and canal. All of the water that accumulates goes directly into the main-danube canal via the new rainwater canal that has already been built along geisfelder strabe, berliner ring and munchner ring. Before that, this water had been discharged into the city’s combined sewer system and polluted the sewer network and the operations of the clearing plant as extraneous water.

Claus reinhard of the town hall press office points out the advantages of the current solution: relief for the sewage system and savings on the costs of treating "clean" waste rainwater in the clearing plant. The total cost of the sewer construction will be about 4.5 million euros, of which about 600 million euros will be spent on waterworks.000 euros to. The drainage concept becomes fully effective with the connection of the barracks area to the north (including keilersbach). According to reinhard, there is already a storm sewer in the birkenallee, and the connection to the new creek is to be made in the foreseeable future via the crossing of podeldorfer strabe.

Walkers have also been taken into consideration: stepping stones enable the crossing of the meandering creek at the armeestrabe as a connection to existing forest paths. The hikers’ parking lot (verlangerung moosstrabe) remains passable thanks to a pipe system.

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