Tdk and seagate demonstrate new hard drive technology

tdk and seagate demonstrate new hard drive technology

By the time of the 2020 summer olympics in japan, it will be possible to offer hard drives with 20 terabytes, said a spokesman for TDK in chiba near tokyo. The rifle is said to be necessary to handle the huge amounts of data generated by, among other things, ultra-high-resolution TV recording. TDK assumes that by 2020, a terabyte of data will be generated and stored for every person on earth.

After explosive growth in hard disk capacity over the past 20 years, growth has recently stagnated. With the usual magnetic data recording, 2.5 inch hard drives with four terabytes are currently the maximum.

For the drastic increase in capacity, the storage medium is heated with a laser at the exact point where the data is written. This will simplify the writing process. The written files are then stabilized by quickly cooling the medium again. Experts call this procedure heat assited magnetic recording (HAMR).

According to seagate, HAMR can achieve storage densities of up to 50 terabits per square inch. In comparison: a digital library with all the books written in the world is about 400 terabytes in size. It is therefore conceivable that in the very near future all these books could be stored on only 20 HAMR hard disks.

California-based seagate technology is one of the world’s leading hard drive manufacturers. Seagate also owns maxtor brand products. In april 2011, seagate bought the hard drive division of samsung electronics, then in may 2012 the french hard drive manufacturer lacie. TDK corporation of japan manufactures electronic components and storage media, including read heads for hard drives.

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