Strike in french air traffic expands

strike in french air traffic expands

According to information released on monday evening, only half of the long-haul flights and 70 percent of the short- and medium-haul flights can be guaranteed. On monday, more than 85 percent of the long-haul and 75 percent of the short-haul connections were still being operated. Air france did not give any details about the strike participation. The SNPL union, however, assumed that only half of the air france pilots had stopped working.

Airline and airports employees plan to strike until thursday evening to protest government plans to restrict the right to strike at airports. Accordingly, employees should announce their actions at least 48 hours in advance. Employers, in turn, are to be required to take better precautions and make traffic forecasts 24 hours in advance of a planned strike.

The last major walkout by air france flight personnel on all saints’ day spoiled the short vacations for thousands of travelers and, according to their estimates, cost the national airline more than 20 million euros. The new law has already been passed by the national assembly. To be discussed in the senate in mid-february.

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