Strike at kaufhof – but business is open

strike at kaufhof - but business is open

The labor action was intended to reinforce union demands in the collective bargaining to be held on thursday and friday, as reported by verdi. Despite the strike, however, all galeria karstadt kaufhof stores remained open, emphasized the company’s head of sales, thomas wanke.

According to the union, employees in a total of 68 kaufhof stores, 16 karstadt sports stores and around 8 karstadt feinkost stores were to take part in the work stoppages. "The employees at kaufhof, but also karstadt, are angry. They are demanding that there finally be a secure collective bargaining solution for the future of the warehouse and their jobs, and that the energy-consuming hangs be brought to an end," said verdi negotiator orhan akman.

Verdi and galeria karstadt kaufhof have been negotiating for some time on a joint restructuring collective agreement for the new department store giant created by the merger. According to verdi, a merger without a new collective bargaining agreement would automatically mean a pay cut of around eleven percent for kaufhof employees. The concern for gross unrest among the employees.

Galeria karstadt kaufhof had already proposed a solution in the past, which would not mean such a rough deal for the kaufhof employees and would even bring more money for the karstadt employees. Verdi had also indicated a willingness to make concessions. But the positions of the two sides are apparently still far from each other. This applies not only to future wage levels, but also to the question of how long a new reorganization collective agreement should be in force.

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