Strange posts on the roads

Strange posts on the roads

What kind of strange posts do you think are standing all over the city?? That’s what some passers-by in the city center have been wondering for the last few days. Because there are not a few of these pipes that have been placed on the edges of the roads.

Bernhard weidner has also asked himself this question. The optician, who runs his shop at the post traffic circle, had such a pole placed right in front of his nose or eyes, respectively, it stands on the small fubganger island right in front of the store door. And because the eye expert from herzogenaurach has a keen eye and likes to keep an eye on what is happening in the city, and because he is perhaps also a little curious, he wanted to know what the pipes were all about. Especially since a friend of mine, sempatin hasan from the old bakery, has discovered the same mystery near his place. Wooden eye be alert!

Answer quickly found

so weidner turned to the FT, because he thought the newspaper people had the necessary eyesight and could figure it out "you don’t need any brill’n"." in fact, it took only a moment to discover the right contact person and find an answer. And this is, lo and behold, not at all very spectacular.
At the moment, the roads are being re-marked, says dieter mussack from the civil engineering department at the erlangen-hochstadt district office in response to a question from the FT. Around 500 such pegs have been placed along the circle roads. These are then covered with appropriate information boards. In the future, there will be a sign like this every 500 meters. This is regulated by the bavarian tram administration and concerns besides the circle trams also high placed trams. For state and federal roads, the kilometering has already been done.

Also earlier there were already such boards. But according to the head of the county’s civil engineering department, the roads have been surveyed and signposted from beginning to end. Every time there was a change, they had to completely retrace their route. This is now changing so that in the future will be measured and labeled from so-called nodes. These are usually areas where superordinate roads meet. Then, when new roads are built or changed, only certain sections have to be renumbered.

186 kilometers of roads

a few months ago, the county also started to re-number the 186 kilometers of county roads, one by one. The tracks were driven with a number vehicle before the posts were installed. According to mussack, the signs have already been ordered and are expected by the end of the year. These station signs are similar to those that are already on the roads, such as the hans-ort-ring. The labeling is divided into three parts. On the left is the designation of the strabe, such as ERH 3 (airport strabe), on the right is the section number at the top and the station number at the bottom.

The information boards are useful in several ways. On the one hand, they are an orientation aid for the police when an accident has occurred or, for example, a crash barrier is damaged and the location has to be communicated. And also internally serves the authority a precise marking. In addition, you know how long the streets actually are by the kilometering.

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