Stefan limmer has the solution to warm beer

Stefan limmer has the solution to warm beer

Spring comes, the barbecue season begins. And he who barbecues likes a cool beer to go with it. But what to do when there is no refrigerator and no electricity at the swimming lake, or when the refrigerator at home is too small to supply all the thirsty friends with cold drinks??

Stefan limmer has the slogan: the kirchleuser has made a few years ago an invention, which is now known under the name "SL ice block" a plastic mold is filled with water and put into the freezer. Later the ice block is taken out of the mold – and fits exactly on a crate of beer so that the bottle necks are always surrounded by ice.

For his development, which he now sells via the internet, the man from kirchleus was even awarded the design prize of the craft trade. Now there’s news from the tuftler: a plastic mold for making a block of ice that fits on a crate of small 0.33-liter bottles. Who buys such a thing? "Friends, acquaintances…", says stefan limmer. But actually the customers came from everywhere. "Demand for the 0.33 ice block is greater outside of bavaria. They tend to drink from the small bottles", he says.

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