Stealing from his own daughter

A 40-year-old man from kulmbach stood trial for two counts of theft. In november 2017, he had allegedly stolen 100 euros once and 30 euros once from the piggy bank of his 15-month-old daughter.

When he was caught the second time by his mother, his former lifeguard, he returned a 20-euro bill. The woman then filed a complaint.

"I didn’t know it was our daughter’s piggy bank", the defendant stated in court. He used the stolen money to buy food for himself, he said. When asked by judge sieglinde tettmann what he had been living on at the time, the defendant replied: "nothing." he had no desire to apply for unemployment benefit I.

The mother said she had suspected her ex for a long time. Before, she had already lent him 170 euros once. However, she was unable to say exactly how much money he had stolen from the money box.

Judge tettmann read out ten previous convictions from the federal central register, some of them for fraud or theft with aggravated robbery and extortion.

Since the theft currently to be heard happened before a verdict of the district court, which had been pronounced in december 2017 for fraud and threat, the court combined the cases into one total sentence.

Judge tettmann followed the prosecution’s request and sentenced the defendant to 130 daily sentences of 30 euros each. "They confessed to the crime and also acted out of a certain need, but they have violated the trust relationship and also already have a criminal record for misdemeanors." because the amount of money was not very high and the other offenses were already far behind, a fine was sufficient.

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