St. George in hochstadt is open again for christmas

St. George in hochstadt is open again for christmas

It is a conceivably bad weather for gerustbauer. "Cold is not so bad, there you can protect yourself. But the wind is bad", says one of the workers on the forecourt in front of the city parish church st. George in hochstadt. He and his colleagues were busy removing the junk on thursday. A visible sign that the renovation phase of st. George nears its end.

The roof is completely finished. Although the interior is still being painted and cleaned. But soon the church will be open again.

Dean kilian kemmer is pleased that the church can be used again for christmas. The festive services will begin with the reopening of the church on saturday, 23. December, a procession in which will also participate archbishop ludwig schick. (see below for all dates)

since 8. May the church is closed for extensive renovations to the interior and the roof. Originally, a reopening on the 3. Advent had been planned, says kemmer. But a church renovation is a serious matter. That it remained only with a one-week delay, is a rough achievement of the craftsmen.

"I imagined it to be simpler. But the actual condition is absolutely record-breaking", says kemmer. Even the workers, who have a comparison with other church construction sites, were amazed that they managed to do it in this time.

Christmas can therefore as usual in st. George will be celebrated. But kemmer emphasizes that the work is not yet completely finished.

So the side ships must still remain blocked. There the workers are still busy removing the old dispersion paint from the walls. At the moment, the side aisles are still covered with green tarpaulins. "This will be dressed up even more respectable", says kemmer. The 50 seats that will be lost due to the closure can be compensated for with chairs.

After the holidays in the new year, the workers will then start to finish the side aisles. The entrance area, which will have a glazed vestibule and a lifting platform for barrier-free access, will also be made in the new year .

Only then begins the installation of the organ. The consecration of the organ is on 23. Marz planned by domkapitular wolfgang klausnitzer. Until then, you will have to make do with a borrowed electronic organ.
The high altar has already been thoroughly cleaned, says kemmer. For finer rework it must be but after fronleichnam again eingerustet.

Renovation cost 1.6 million euros. Including the work on the roof. 65 percent of the score taken by the archdiocese. The rest had to be taken care of by the community, according to kemmer. To these about 560.000 euro came another 100 or so.000 euros for the renewal of the organ.

No small feat for the congregation. "The empty organ case is an expression of the empty coffers", kemmer says with a laugh. But he is confident that a call for donations, which will be put out at christmas, will raise sufficient funds.

Dates for the reopening of st. George:

at the 3. Advent, sunday, 17. December, the last sunday service outside the city parish church takes place in the auditorium of the ritter-von spix middle school.

Reopening of the city parish church is on saturday, 23. December. At 6 p.M. There will be a procession with transmission of the blessed sacrament from the hospital church to the parish church. Archbishop ludwig schick will be present.

On 24. December there will be the celebration of the 4. Advent with services at 8.30 o’clock and 10.30 o’clock takes place.

In the afternoon in the parish church then celebrations to holy evening at 14.30 o’clock with blessing of children, at 16 o’clock the holy mass and at 23 o’clock the christmas mass takes place.

On holidays the normal order of service applies.

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