Sophia heilscher is the nightmare of every female goalkeeper

Sophia heilscher is the nightmare of every female goalkeeper

Gerd muller would laugh appreciatively, mario gomez would turn green with envy. Because when sophia heilscher appears in front of the opponent's goal, it's not only dangerous – the ball usually also zaps into the net. The 18-year-old student has already scored 18 times this season, making a significant contribution to the fact that SC oberreichenbach is ranked second in the erlangen/pegnitzgrund district soccer league after the preliminary round and, with a total of 41 goals scored, is by far the best offensive team in the league.

The goalkeeper was absent at the beginning of the season because she spent some time with her aunt in kentucky after graduating from high school. "She played seven games, scoring an average of 2.57 times", trainer rainer kufer calculates. A score that top strikers in the bundesliga can only dream of. However, the petite soccer player does not have a recipe for success: "it's best not to think about it too much. The most important thing is to have fun, then the goal-scoring will work out by itself." in the past season, this was the case a total of 59 times.

Problems at the start of the season
But that's not the only thing. "We have some players in the team who are just as talented as sophia. But she's just a bit more ambitious, always comes to training, wants to improve all the time and: she only needs a few chances", praises kufer the wilhelmsdorferin. Beyond that, it is important for the success of the individual that the team functions as a whole.

And there the oberreichenbacher had at the beginning of the season problems. Four or five players were constantly missing, the lineup had to be changed again and again, and some of the soccer players were unsure of themselves in the unfamiliar positions. "Against frauenaurach, for example, I was missing the entire defense. But when we then drew the short straw in schlaifhausen with 3:2, there was a need to talk", remembers kufer. That was four weeks ago and since then the SCO has been running like clockwork. 27 goals from the last three games – the leaders from weilersbach swept with 9:2. "Yes, that was great, everything really worked out in that game. The camaraderie has always been great with us, and when the squad is full, there's always more to play for", tells sophia.

Now the ascent should work out
After this clear success, a rethinking has set in at the SCO regarding the season goals. "Now we want to move up", sturmerin heilscher and trainer kufer agree. Both believe that the team has been able to hold its own in the district league, also in view of the fact that there are still some strong talents coming from the u17s. And that is quite a pound, as experience shows. The current team is also largely made up of young players from the club's own junior squad and has a number of young players who, like sophia heilscher, are only just starting their second women's season.

A change is not an issue
The 18-year-old does not set herself any higher soccer goals. Who female, in which direction she leads the study of cultural geography in erlangen. But as long as he brings spab, the sport plays first violin. And sophia has never lost her touch since a friend introduced her to soccer at ASV wilhelmsdorf when she was ten years old. The soccer fever became so strong that she gave up unicycling instead, which she had started two years earlier. "That was too serious and performance-oriented for me."

on the pitch, she blossomed and went in for goals as a striker right from the start. "Werner wohlleben taught us the basics at ASV, then there was a joint venture with SCO." the subsequent jump to the women's team was the logical consequence. A change of club is out of the question for sophia. "Here I have my friends, a great team spirit and success."

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