“Small women’s group donates 9200 euros for myanmar

As chairman of the association "friends of asia", wolfgang hasselkus, a medical doctor from rodental, has been volunteering for about 30 years to help patients with health problems in the myanmar jungle province bordering thailand. In the meantime, he has specialized in the area of eyes. During the last working visit in the fall of 2019, he treated about 250 patients. Even before the turn of the millennium, he began teaching tropical ophthalmology to a team of local workers, one by one. In the meantime, helpers can carry out treatments on their own under the guidance of the object manager bow. To this day, the principle is not to send any of the visually impaired and destitute patients away without treatment. That is why the financing of the humanitarian projects is dependent on donors.

For this part, hasselkus has been a member of the "small circle of women" working group in sonnefeld hardworking, again and again from "heinzelmannchen" supported "heinzelfrauen as he expressed it at the social get-together of the working group in the former parish hall.

"This year, with help from the districts of coburg, kronach and lichtenfels, we are able to hand over a high four-digit sum", hedwig thomaka, who gave the idea, was pleased.

"The 9200 euros will be used to purchase electronic equipment", assured wolfgang hasselkus. "The acquisition of a high-quality special camera for investigating the background of the eye is thus secured." 

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