“Servus cuba” inspires in coburg

The title is a corkless declaration of love to the sugar island. "Servus cuba" the cubaboarians have succinctly christened their new CD – and thus seem to have met the taste of the buying public. Exactly one week after its release, the band's sixth album is already number 38 in the german album charts, as leonhard meixner proudly announced at the coburg guest performance in the well-attended kongresshaus.

The high-contrast mix is obviously very well received – also by fans in the region. The cubaboarians mix the musical ingredients in such an unknown way that unprejudiced listeners could expect considerable risks of untraceability at first. But the opposite is the case. The constant contrast arouses curiosity. Above all, however, the persistent joy of music captivates the audience for a long time.

Changing line-up

This is of course due to the septet from the mangfall valley, but also to the four guests from cuba, with whom the cubaboarians seem to harmonize quite naturally in constantly changing line-ups.
This evening tells the story of a musical liaison that was inevitably doomed to fail from the very beginning. Because what do leathery folk music from upper bavaria and the passionate music of cuba have to do with each other??

Seemingly nothing at all. Nevertheless, bavarian gallop and cuban son can be combined amazingly well. Sometimes the cubaboars switch back and forth between the musical spheres in the middle of a piece several times without a break. A loud polka from upper bavaria and a tender love duet from the sugar island – everything fits under the title "servus cuba".

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