Priorities set for the budget

In the "klarstellungs- und erganzungssatzung haselberg und wunn" the so far undeveloped slope area between the development in the bergstrabe and the planned building area wunn is to be defined as an aubenbereich without any further development.

In the second reading on thursday evening, the council discussed the concerns and objections of the public interest groups and the public at large. In the end, the committee passed the resolution on the statutes with two votes against. Above all, dietmar seipel’s proposal to remove a marginal plot from the statutes and thus allow development there, caused discussion. In the end, the application was approved by a majority vote.

Further items on the agenda of the meeting were:

The contract for the carpentry and plumbing work for the roof of the building yard was awarded to the schweser company of kitzingen at a bid price of around 35,000 euros. The cost estimate for the entire roof was just under 50,000 euro.

For the investment plan for the 2018 budget, the rates should report their most important projects to the administration. Ten of the twelve rates participated. First on the list of wishes is the kindergarten, followed by the renovation of the stone quarries, the roof renovation stern, the building area wunn, the construction of the water supply softening plant, the design of the sand tip and the expansion of the lohweg and more. The chamber now has the task of including as much as possible in the budget without having to resort to loans. Mayor karl-dieter fuchs was confident that the first four items on the list could be accommodated in the budget. Which items will actually be included and in what order will be determined by the budget discussions.

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