Pilgrimage chapel burns to the ground

Pilgrimage chapel burns to the ground

The fire departments around the mainschleife and the BRK rescue services were alerted on saturday morning to an assumed fire in the roof trusses of the pilgrimage church of maria im weingarten in volkach. The rough training worked out by the volkach fire department demanded all the skills of the firefighters due to the unusual location.

A very long loschwasser route had to be built from the camping site on the main via the ascending narrow kreuzweg to the buildings on the volkacher kirchberg. At an early hour the fitness of the floriansjunger was in demand.

The first attack was carried out by the tanker of the volkach floriansjunger with 3000 liters of water, which were quickly exhausted. Because there is no other fire water on the kirchberg, it took a good half hour for the hose line to be completed and for water to flow out of the spray pipes of the firefighting teams on the kirchberg.

Fred mahler outlined the difficulties for the firefighting units at the selected fire object. "The time factor is against us," explained the commander of the volkach fire department. Because maria im weingarten can only be reached from the north and only via a field path with the TLF, the operation is complicated, according to the operations manager. The construction of the long loschwasserstrecke is already a rough challenge for his comrades. A rough rainwater retention basin is available at the foot of the kirchberg, but in a period of low rainfall one must expect the basin to be empty.

For this reason, mahler assumed the "worst case scenario", which resulted in a water demand over a stretch of almost one kilometer long. Maria im weingarten itself, because of its special location in the vineyards, is rated "4" on the scale of possible branded properties, which ranges from "1" to "5".

At the drill at the kirchberg – the last one was 15 years ago – the good cooperation of the mainschleifenwehren from astheim, escherndorf, volkach, fahr, gaibach, nordheim and sommerach was demonstrated. Also in action were firefighters from stadtschwarzach with the local command support group and from gerolzhofen, who brought a hose truck with a total of 2000 meters of hose. The rescue of the injured was carried out by the ambulances of the BRK volkach.

District fire inspector norbert kempf, district fire chief erwin strobel and firefighters from stammheim critically observed the exercise. Fred mahler’s conclusion: "the exercise clearly showed the problems at kirchberg. In case of fire it becomes critical there."The experience gained on saturday was very important for future operation planning.

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