Expensive foodstuffs fuel inflation in germany

Expensive foodstuffs fuel inflation in germany

From may to june 2013, consumer prices rose by 0.1 percent. The federal statistical office in wiesbaden thus confirmed on wednesday its first estimate from the end of june.

In may, inflation picked up again for the first time after months of decline: to 1.5 percent. In april, the annual inflation rate was still 1.2 percent. June’s figure is the highest since december 2012 when a rate of 2.0 was recorded. The european central bank (ECB) believes that price stability has been maintained at rates of just under 2.0 percent.

Significant price increases for foodstuffs were primarily responsible for the most recent rise. Food prices rose by a total of 5.4 percent compared with the same month a year ago. Consumers had to dig much deeper into their pockets for potatoes (up 35.2 percent), butter (up 27.1 percent) and apples (up 21.1 percent).


Do you also have pain?

Stomach ache, headache, backache, toothache – the list could go on and on. Many people are plagued by pain. They are actually a symptom that something is wrong in the body, but pain can also become an illness in itself there is even a nationwide association dedicated to the topic of pain: the german pain society.
"We want to achieve that the health system is there for the pain patients, unfortunately it often runs at present the other way round" so prof. Dr. Med. Michael schafer, president of the german pain society. "Especially in the area of pain, we are dealing with severe underuse and misuse among many millions of people. Although health policy, for example with the resolution of the youngest 88. Conference of state health ministers, essential signals set, but overall much remains to be done", according to the pain expert. A fact recognized in bad kissingen. Here in st.-elisabeth hospital has dr. Maximiliane deckart started to establish a pain center in september 2015. Initially, she thought she had time to slowly build up the new department. She had not. Quite quickly, the demand from patients was coarser than the possibilities of treatment. In march of this year there was a waiting list for potential patients until june (see the issue of 22. March 2016).
According to estimates, around five to eight million people in germany alone suffer from chronic pain. The multimodal pain treatment, as developed in bad kissingen by dr. Deckart is a holistic inpatient therapy that addresses not only the physical effects of pain, but also the psychological effects that often accompany it. Because pain often has many faces in the course of an illness.

A multi-layered approach

permanent pain alters the affected patients. They participate less in everyday and leisure activities, withdraw more and more in everyday life and avoid social contacts. This is exactly where the concept of this pain therapy comes into play. "Besides dr. Deckart’s treatment team at the eli in bad kissingen consists of psychologists, occupational therapists, physiotherapists, nurses and other professionals who work hand in hand in the therapy", says ingo mack, the clinic’s press spokesman. The goal is for those affected to expand their pain-related restricted living space and achieve a better quality of life.
What to do for pain, our experts can answer these questions next tuesday.


Lichtenfel’s pub night suffers from the cowslide

Lichtenfel's pub night suffers from the cowslide

The pub night organized by six lichtenfels pubs occurred. A little different than hoped for and announced in advance. What has already taken place several times in the wicker town, remained comparatively pale on saturday.

It had become cool on this saturday evening. In the announcement of the pub night, which lives mainly through its musical offer, there was something about a "warm summer night" to read. The evening should not be so lukewarm. However, not so useless rain-covered, as one of the announced bands feared in the morning. And thereupon as a precaution have canceled. "Father’s finest, who with their mixture of blues, funk and soul had been announced for a performance at saumarkt, had cancelled their appearance for fear of rain and the damage that would then be done to their stage equipment. This was explained by sylvia schamel, landlady of the "pinkus, on inquiry of our newspaper.

"For months you have summer weather and then this", said the hostess, pointing to the sky in a mixture of resignation and amusement. But "that" was actually not so bad, because the sky was supposed to be starry; quite useful for a band under it. However, the aforementioned cancellation has already taken a lot out of the musical pub night, because "father’s finest" will be there not only from the "pinkus, but was also hired by the weinhaus heidenreich. Two of the six starting points were thus eliminated. Nevertheless the saumarkt was lively.


Tdk and seagate demonstrate new hard drive technology

tdk and seagate demonstrate new hard drive technology

By the time of the 2020 summer olympics in japan, it will be possible to offer hard drives with 20 terabytes, said a spokesman for TDK in chiba near tokyo. The rifle is said to be necessary to handle the huge amounts of data generated by, among other things, ultra-high-resolution TV recording. TDK assumes that by 2020, a terabyte of data will be generated and stored for every person on earth.

After explosive growth in hard disk capacity over the past 20 years, growth has recently stagnated. With the usual magnetic data recording, 2.5 inch hard drives with four terabytes are currently the maximum.

For the drastic increase in capacity, the storage medium is heated with a laser at the exact point where the data is written. This will simplify the writing process. The written files are then stabilized by quickly cooling the medium again. Experts call this procedure heat assited magnetic recording (HAMR).


Aubameyang’s transfer to fc arsenal about to be finalized

Aubameyang's transfer to fc arsenal about to be finalized

Pierre-emerick aubameyang arrives at dortmund airport in a gold-colored luxury car. TV channel sky showed a video of the "ruhr nachrichten", how the attacker of borussia dortmund entered the airport building with his family and rough packing.

The goalkeeper then flew to london on a private jet to undergo the obligatory medical check-up at arsenal FC and to sign the contract that has probably already been negotiated. With this, the expected transfer of the 28-year-old gabuner, who was absent from BVB training, to the gunners could be close to completion. Aubameyang was already spotted on the arsenal pitch this afternoon.

Official confirmation of the spectacular transfer by the clubs was still pending, despite the alleged agreement on the financial modalities. As a lot sum for the torjager stand approximately 65 million euro in the raum. The bundesliga top scorer is set to sign a contract in london until 2021 and earn ten million euros net plus bonuses at the premier league club.


“Small women’s group donates 9200 euros for myanmar

As chairman of the association "friends of asia", wolfgang hasselkus, a medical doctor from rodental, has been volunteering for about 30 years to help patients with health problems in the myanmar jungle province bordering thailand. In the meantime, he has specialized in the area of eyes. During the last working visit in the fall of 2019, he treated about 250 patients. Even before the turn of the millennium, he began teaching tropical ophthalmology to a team of local workers, one by one. In the meantime, helpers can carry out treatments on their own under the guidance of the object manager bow. To this day, the principle is not to send any of the visually impaired and destitute patients away without treatment. That is why the financing of the humanitarian projects is dependent on donors.

For this part, hasselkus has been a member of the "small circle of women" working group in sonnefeld hardworking, again and again from "heinzelmannchen" supported "heinzelfrauen as he expressed it at the social get-together of the working group in the former parish hall.

"This year, with help from the districts of coburg, kronach and lichtenfels, we are able to hand over a high four-digit sum", hedwig thomaka, who gave the idea, was pleased.


Schrage spares

Schrage spares

More light indoors, a great view out: roof chambers with mini hatches have had their day. To use the topmost room roughly, to illuminate it opulently by lightlessness and to equip it chicly and practically, is chance and challenge at the same time. As an installation around the skylight now presents itself as a design option in infinite variations with infinite possibilities.

The common denominator is always maximum functionality: all of them have sturdy hinges, are equipped with intelligent mechanisms and can be ruffled up with ingenious attributes such as child-proof locks or heat dams. Which format fits where and which version is practicable when, has to do with personal preferences, atmospheric desires and structural requirements.

Already sloping

Illumination from the very top is also possible. For flat pitched roofs, flat skylight windows are the optimal solution. They partially replace the ceiling and provide both opulent light incidence and exciting architectural accents – with or without opening options. The pinnacle: the over ridge glazing.


All of belgium and almost all of france corona risk area

All of belgium and almost all of france corona risk area

The federal government has declared the whole of belgium, iceland and individual regions in nine other european countries to be corona risk areas because of rising infection rates.

The robert koch institute updated its risk list on thursday night, which for the first time includes areas of great britain such as wales and northern ireland.

In france, the regions pays de la loire and burgundy (bourgogne) were added. This means that in germany’s closest neighbor, only the grand est border region, which was once particularly badly affected by the pandemic, is now exempt from classification as a risk area.


Unsafe at the wheel

A 51-year-old woman from schwabach caught the eye of a witness on tuesday afternoon due to extreme snaking on the A 3 from pommersfelden in the direction of the furth/erlangen interchange. He reported the incident to the erlangen traffic police, who were able to stop the vehicle in the construction zone at the furth/erlangen intersection.

The drive was characterized by extreme serpentine lines, with the driver veering off the road to the right into the shoulder and from there steering back across the main carriageway. Shortly before a collision with the central guardrail, she steered her vehicle back onto the lanes of traffic. These maneuvers often took place at speeds between 60 and 130 kilometers per hour, regularly endangering other road users. Collusion resp. Traffic accidents could be prevented by the attention of other drivers.

A breathalyzer test came back negative, but the woman said she had taken medication that caused her to drive erratically. Therefore, a blood sample was taken


Honors for a quarter of a century at vr-bank bad kissingen

honors for a quarter of a century at vr-bank bad kissingen

"We are living in turbulent times, we have moved a lot in the last few years, the executive board of volksbank raiffeisenbank bad kissingen eg thanked three bank employees who have been contributing to the largest cooperative bank in the bad kissingen district for 25 years. Although they worked in very different fields, all three of them had achieved a great deal.

Dream grade

This is how elisabeth lauer began on 1. September 1993 the apprenticeship at the then volksbank in wildflecken, which she completed with a dream grade. After that, she was employed as a youth advisor and as a customer advisor, before moving to the passive back office after a period of parental leave, and then to the human resources department after another period of parental leave. "You have mastered all tasks and challenges with flying colors", the chairman of the board of directors, jurgen klubertanz, praised the oberbacher woman’s keen understanding, collegiality and warm-heartedness, which enabled her to work through many a case with intelligent questions in a committed manner. "We appreciate her enjoyment of her work, her loyalty and her seriousness."

Indispensable support

On the same day, matthias diez also began his training at the former raiffeisenbank in bad kissingen. His talent for responding to customers in a patient, stylish and solution-oriented manner was soon recognized, and after years of consulting work, his qualifications led him to become branch manager in bad kissingen and then head of sales, and he was also given power of attorney. "Their business-oriented approach, their understanding of the team of colleagues and of the customers are a helpful and indispensable support for the management board", board member knoll thanked the graduate banker, who had so "incidentally" is also still a prufer at the chamber of commerce and industry.