Friday questions: smoke detectors become mandatory

friday questions: smoke detectors become mandatory

Question: what do you estimate: how many percent of the apartments were allowed to have smoke detectors in the meantime??

Roland eckert: it is very difficult to make an estimate, but I would say that it is below 50 percent. Landlords must install smoke detectors in rented rooms, and this will probably also be done.

What is the deadline?


Stefan limmer has the solution to warm beer

Stefan limmer has the solution to warm beer

Spring comes, the barbecue season begins. And he who barbecues likes a cool beer to go with it. But what to do when there is no refrigerator and no electricity at the swimming lake, or when the refrigerator at home is too small to supply all the thirsty friends with cold drinks??

Stefan limmer has the slogan: the kirchleuser has made a few years ago an invention, which is now known under the name "SL ice block" a plastic mold is filled with water and put into the freezer. Later the ice block is taken out of the mold – and fits exactly on a crate of beer so that the bottle necks are always surrounded by ice.

For his development, which he now sells via the internet, the man from kirchleus was even awarded the design prize of the craft trade. Now there’s news from the tuftler: a plastic mold for making a block of ice that fits on a crate of small 0.33-liter bottles. Who buys such a thing? "Friends, acquaintances…", says stefan limmer. But actually the customers came from everywhere. "Demand for the 0.33 ice block is greater outside of bavaria. They tend to drink from the small bottles", he says.


Franconia forest clinic: “closing in the interest of the patients”

Franconia Forest Clinic:

Up to and including 8. October the gynecology and obstetrics departments at the helios-frankenwaldklinik kronach will remain closed. The reason for this are the absences of two doctors (we reported). This decrease meets with incomprehension from the public as well as from domestic politicians. We spoke to claudia holland-jopp, a consultant at the hospital, about how the clinic is responding to this criticism and what the current situation at kronach hospital looks like.

Politicians have more or less strongly condemned helios' approach to the temporary closure of departments. How helios and the clinic deal with this criticism?
Claudia holland-jopp: we take every criticism that comes our way seriously. As a hospital operator, however, we are sometimes forced to make unpleasant decisions, as in this case, because we alone bear the responsibility for the hospital and our patients. We made the decision after careful consideration of all alternatives – for the good and safety of the women and families who place their trust in us.

The free voters demand that the closure be shortened to the bare minimum. The envisaged timeframe of up to and including 8 months is not feasible. October at this point in time, we still have to take it in?
We very much regret the temporary closure and are ourselves interested in keeping it as short as possible. We are confident that the gynecology and obstetrics clinic will be ready for the 9th quarter. October to be able to resume operations.


Leon jung in first place

Leon jung in first place

The youth group of the eltmann angling club looked back on a successful year in which many events (22) took place. In the theoretical courses such as fish, water, rats and law, the young people learned a lot, the association says.

Knowledge imparted

Many fish species, their habitats, flora and fauna of the plant world, new fishing assemblies, regulations and much more were discussed. In the practical part, the young people made a fishing board, which will certainly find its use later.
Also the fishing dates did not come too briefly. Carp fishing, trout fishing, midnight fishing, eel fishing and many other events took place. Fishing was also possible at other clubs such as the fishing club wallergrund, the fishing club zeil and in tretzendorf. The team fishing and the other dates challenged the camaraderie and helpfulness of the youngsters.

Coarse carp on the grill

A special highlight was the fishing for carp, which was combined with a barbecue party. A summer party, where trout was prepared, an environmental day, where young people and parents together cleaned the nature from the mull, were also on the schedule in 2017.
At the end of the year the youths met in the guesthouse schaaf in tretzendorf for the christmas party, where the youth group leader martin bauerfeind made it exciting.
In the fishing game about fish species, the correct characteristics had to be put to the fishes.
Artistic talent was also in demand when drawing the course of a stream, and the theory was a chance to show what had been learned. The young people waited expectantly for the announcement of the annual evaluation, for which they had collected points at the respective dates for participation, camaraderie, helpfulness, nature conservation, theory and practice.


Strike in french air traffic expands

strike in french air traffic expands

According to information released on monday evening, only half of the long-haul flights and 70 percent of the short- and medium-haul flights can be guaranteed. On monday, more than 85 percent of the long-haul and 75 percent of the short-haul connections were still being operated. Air france did not give any details about the strike participation. The SNPL union, however, assumed that only half of the air france pilots had stopped working.

Airline and airports employees plan to strike until thursday evening to protest government plans to restrict the right to strike at airports. Accordingly, employees should announce their actions at least 48 hours in advance. Employers, in turn, are to be required to take better precautions and make traffic forecasts 24 hours in advance of a planned strike.

The last major walkout by air france flight personnel on all saints’ day spoiled the short vacations for thousands of travelers and, according to their estimates, cost the national airline more than 20 million euros. The new law has already been passed by the national assembly. To be discussed in the senate in mid-february.


Ebern’s niklas ruhnau wins the race

Ebern's niklas ruhnau wins the race

The young anglers from ebern were successful at the training camp. This was also connected with the district youth king fishing, as the angler association ebern and surroundings informed. There were first places for the team ebern.

The training camp with the lower franconian district youth fishing took place in iphofen. In total, twelve clubs with 58 young people between ten and 21 years of age competed in three groups (ten to 14 years, 14 to 18 years and 19 to 21 years). In the disciplines casting (recognized sport; accuracy casting as well as long distance casting with special rods), knot tying, knowledge test and fishing on the river main near marktbreit and on the lake in iphofen, the youth king of lower franconia was determined. This year’s youth king is niklas ruhnau and comes from the ebern club. Such a success has not been achieved by a youth of the angler club ebern until now. Ruhnau will enter the race for this year’s bavarian youth fishing competition under the flag of the ebern association together with the lower franken fishing association. But not only niklas ruhnau, but the entire group of eberners performed very positively in the four disciplines.

The team of valentin dutsch and niklas ruhnau won the first place in the tandem ranking (overall ranking of two anglers of one club). Tom paluchin was the best knot tyer and jakob waiblinger could reach the fifth place in the individual evaluation.


Again off-road fair in bad kissingen

again off-road fair in bad kissingen

Under the motto "always a track deeper" the abenteuer und allrad celebrates its 20th anniversary this year. 300 exhibitors from all over the world will cover the entire spectrum of all-wheel drive, caravanning, and expedition and adventure travel at the fair, according to a press release. The organizer pro-log expects far more than 50 000 visitors from 31. May to 3. June in bad kissingen. The trade show has contributed significantly to the development of off-road and all-wheel drive like no other comparable event in the past 20 years, says managing director marion ripberger confidently.

The product range on the 100,000 square meter site of the former U.S. Airfield in reiterwiesen will once again cover the entire off-road and all-wheel drive world. From the most important production vehicles, suvs, atvs and pick-ups to expedition and desert vehicles, motorhomes and trucks, everything is on show. In addition, there are spare parts and accessories, tents and tent bodies of all kinds, caravanning and outdoor equipment on a rough scale, as well as tour offers from adventure tour operators from all over the world. Among the exhibitors were once again leading manufacturers of all-wheel-drive vehicles such as land rover, VW commercial vehicles, mercedes-benz, toyota and suzuki.

In special all-wheel-drive off-road courses, visitors will also have the opportunity to get behind the wheel of an off-road vehicle themselves and thus take an active part in the trade show activities.


Ears perked up in the zeiler cinema

ears perked up in the zeiler cinema

Comfortably sprawled on the sofa or armchair, with a cold beer in the hand, in front driving entertainment – that's the way to live. In the wings of the capitol theater, where people normally watch hollywood blockbusters and love stories on the big screen, visitors on friday evening were treated to something completely different: "soul jam" was the name of the show, "minimal", "timeless" and "crash unplugged stood on the stage and showed that for good live music you only need to step in front of the house.

Since april 2011 there is the "ohrenkino", which the music initiative habberge and the capitol theater zeil with their boss bruno schneyer organized biannually untilland. Their goal: "to give young bands from the region the opportunity to perform on stage", as michael lorz from the music initiative explained. Bruno schneyer, owner of the zeiler kino, adds that they want to make sure there is a mix of up-and-coming and already established bands – to create exchange.

Young professionals
What status the bands had on this evening, was sometimes hard to find out for the visitors. For despite their youth, they all seemed like old hands in the music business and proved that in the cinema, even without a screen and a film reel, things can really take off.


Back in the woods on quiet paws

Back in the woods on quiet paws

Eradicating wild animals is easy, but reintroducing them is very tedious. With these words willi freibott, chairman of the bund naturschutz (BN) local group volkach, buried the members on the occasion of their autumn meeting in the parish hall volkach. The meeting focused on the topic of "feral cat protection in bavaria.

The spokeswoman of the BN bavaria’s species protection working group, ulrike geise, brought the good news: "the wildcat is back in our forests."This is not a matter of course. In 1920 the last wild cat was shot in germany. In 1984, the BN started a breeding and reintroduction program, which did not have the hoped-for success. Only the efforts from 1988 to 2011 in the spessart had brought the reintroduction of the wild cat decisively forward. Since 2011, there has been the biodiversity project "wildcat jump" of the federal office for the environment, it says in the communication of the BN.

"In the last few years, the attitude towards the wildcat project has changed positively," says the expert. Today, numerous social groups, such as the hunters and public authorities, are behind the resettlement. Road traffic is currently the greatest threat to the lives of the feral cats. It was no use that the wildcat is very shy.


Ubersee container does not land in kirchlauter

Ubersee container does not land in kirchlauter

Stung in the sea and flag hoisted: the members of the kirchlauter town council dealt with an unusual request from two applicants at their meeting on tuesday evening at the school. It was about the erection of an ubersee-container.

To anticipate the result: no container terminal will be built in the lautergrund and the small river will not be made navigable. Contrary to the proposal from the building authority of the ebelsbach administrative community, the committee refused the necessary approval with one dissenting vote. And this is how it happened. The "builders want to place the container with a length of six meters (with a width and height of 2.5 meters) next to a machine hall on the staatsstrabe between kirch- and weikartslauter. "An impossibility", as mayor jochen steppert found, the "looks like a burial sign when you come from kottendorf, because it was the first building recognizable". Not a "nice business card the majority of the council.

Forwarding to the district office