No stichwahl: franz uome wins in marktleugast

No stichwahl: franz uome wins in marktleugast

Even the winner had not thought that the result would be so clear and that there would be no runoff: franz uome (CSU) can defend the chair in the town hall of marktleugast – without having to go to a runoff election. Uome secured an absolute majority (56.61 percent) in the first round of voting, beating out norbert volk of the marktleugast electoral association (26.78 percent) and reiner meisel of the free voters (16.61 percent).

Incentive for the years to come

"I didn’t think it would go so smoothly with three candidates", the office holder declared in a first statement, only to add immediately: "i am glad that it is done and that i was able to convince the majority of the citizens through my work." the election result was an incentive for him for the next six years. He will know how to honor the trust placed in him in the future.

According to franz uome, the decisive factor in the election was that he implemented the promises he made during the election campaign six years ago. "This has now been honored."

Over 100 whatsapp messages

For the 65-year-old, the main goal is still to stabilize the finances and continue with the projects that have been started. Here, uome mentioned the doctor’s office with a meeting place ("a 2.5-million-euro project") and the new farmstead in the middle of town, which is to be implemented together with the population. "So much has been initiated", explained uome, who was celebrating at the FC sports home in marktleugast and had received over 100 congratulatory messages on his cell phone.

Licking wounds, on the other hand, for reiner meisel. "I did not expect that", he commented on the outcome of the vote. The result was shocking – also because it was worse than six years ago. Why this is so, he could not understand. He had expected at least a runoff election – with him as the candidate. "That was the goal, and we did not achieve it. But that is democracy."

Wait for the result of the municipal council

What consequences he will draw from the election? "It is still too soon. Let’s see how the municipal council is composed." even though the evening didn’t turn out the way he had hoped – meisel still enjoyed the bread in the guardian’s house.

Despite losing the election, norbert volk still had a reason to celebrate: "I retired three days ago, he said in the sports home of SV marienweiher, where he had returned after congratulating uome on the election victory. "Even if the election campaign was somewhat crude in its choice of words."

Nevertheless: "the numbers speak for themselves", said volk, looking at the 1036 votes uome had received and his 490. Meisel got only 304 votes.

Uome may have scored points by bringing receivables to marktleugast and reducing debt, volk speculated. "He sold it well in the election campaign."

"Young and good team

Norbert volk, who was mayor of marktleugast before his election, is now pinning his hopes on the municipal elections. "Let’s wait and see if we can keep our four seats." and if the result fits here, then he can well imagine, with a view to the "young and good team", to withdraw a little to pull back a little.

And as a conclusion he declared: "the matter is ticked off, my life goes on."

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