New school management in the jubilee year of frobenius-gymnasium

New school management in the jubilee year of frobenius-gymnasium

He has been in charge of organizing the jubilee year since last year. Now matthias ludolph gets an additional task: to 16. February he takes over the management of the frobenius high school in hammelburg.

At a reception for the staff held by the parents’ council, principal helmut schreiner introduced his current deputy as his successor. Schreiner retires at the end of the school term.

Ludolph was the 1. August 2018 transferred from albert einstein gymnasium in munich to frobenius gymnasium in hammelburg. He has learned the ropes well, as schreiner explained, describing the induction as a bone-headed job. Ludolph was born in the hessian city of marburg. In addition to his duties as a deputy, he teaches history and latin in hammelburg – ludolph even earned a doctorate in the ancient language.

The fact that he is taking over the position of principal is in line with the wish of fellow teachers and parent representatives for personnel continuity. It has not yet been decided who will be the new deputy principal. According to schreiner, the application process has not yet been completed.

Schreiner, however, was able to announce another personnel: also to the 16. February, kerstin kohler moves up to the school management as an employee. Kohler has been teaching latin and french at frobenius-gymnasium since 2005.

"I will try to live up to the expectations placed in me", said ludolph. The future principal outlined the history of hammelburg high school and gave an outlook on the upcoming anniversary celebrations (see info). At the same time he explained: "it may be that in the course of the year still one or the other idea comes to it."

The parents’ council reception kicked off the anniversary year, said andreas troll, chairman of the parents’ council. It was intended to provide an opportunity for teachers and parents to meet where there was otherwise no time. The idea was developed together. It is intended to continue this type of meeting in the coming years, as troll explained.

During the reception, the new logo was also presented, which is intended to draw attention to the anniversary. School with gymnasium level has a long tradition in hammelburg, which is, however, characterized by several historical breaks. Math and physics teacher werner seitz has been dealing with the history. On the sidelines of the reception, he explained the lines of tradition.

According to this, there is evidence of a council school as early as 1530, which came to an end a few decades later with the counter-reformation. The actual historical date to which the 350th anniversary of the gymnasium refers is the year 1669: at that time, the council of the town of hammelburg concluded a contract with the convent of the franciscans of the old town monastery (the "franziskaner"). This founded a school with gymnasium education rank. However, teaching had already begun in december 1668, as seitz explained.

According to seitz, there is no evidence that this school was housed in the so-called latin school, a smaller half-timbered building behind the monastery, as is often reported. The monastery can undoubtedly be considered the place of origin of the grammar school; after all, the education was intended to secure the next generation of priests.

This need had been broken off because of the sacularization, so that the grammar school of the franziskaner was dissolved in 1817. In 1844, the royal bavarian latin school took up its place in history. It is considered to be the actual predecessor of today’s gymnasium. Jakob rinecker is to thank for the new foundation. He had bequeathed 3000 gulden – which today probably corresponds to a purchasing power of more than 50,000 euros – for the construction of the latin school.

The gymnasium has had changing locations in the course of history. It was not until a new building was erected in the 1960s that it took up residence in von der tannstrabe. And the hammelburg grammar school frobenius-gymnasium has only been in existence since 1960.

Program for the jubilee year the dates for the main events in the jubilee year of frobenius-gymnasium have already been fixed. On sunday, 17. March, there will be a formerconcert. The fair trade jubilee chocolate will be presented at the event. The focus of the festivities will be on the new school year. The prelude is a service on 13. September in the monastery old town. The festive weekend with school festival, church service and ceremony, as well as the reunion of former members of the council, will take place from 27 to 27 june. To 29. September instead of. Further events may be added.

On the occasion of the anniversary, the reunion of former employees, which usually takes place every five years, is brought forward by one year. All former pupils of the frobenius-gymnasium are called upon to participate and come together on the festive weekend.

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