Money for the lake will love

Money for the lake will love

Veronika schadeck the project to make the recreational area around olschnitzsee in windheim more attractive can start this year. After the county was able to receive a demand notice in the amount of 1.5 million euros from the rofe program (demand for public, tourist infrastructure facilities) in december, nothing more stands in the way of the project. At the new year's reception of the municipality of steinbach on friday evening, district administrator klaus loffler (CSU) said that the start for this project is still being strived for in 2019.

New sunbathing and recreation areas are to be created around the olschnitzsee (we reported). The county also wants to build a sanitary building and family-friendly play areas on the land. Furthermore, the parking areas are to be expanded and some camper parking spaces are to be created. In total, the county is to invest around 3.5 million euros to make this leisure and recreational facility more attractive for both the local population and tourists.

Mayor thomas loffler (CSU) is convinced that the recreational lake will become a visitor magnet after the realization of the tree removals, especially since a private investor wants to invest additionally at this land.

The fact that the municipality of steinbach am wald has received support from the government of upper franconia in recent years with a large number of demands in the tourism sector became clear from the remarks of government president heidrun piwernetz. Thus, the municipality received a request for the general renovation of the recreation and tourism center in the amount of 2.5 million euros (total 4.7 million euros) and for the furnishing of the frankenwald center on the second floor 112000 euros (total 192 000 euros). The government supported the construction of the spa and recreation park at the leisure center with another 502,000 euros (a total of 880,000 euros). There were also 77,000 euros in demands for the purchase of a cross-country skiing track (total 119,000 euros).

Recognizing opportunities

The municipality also applied for urban development funds for the preparation of a preparatory study within the framework of the isek project. There will probably also be a call for the project "reconstruction and renovation of the former school in hirschfeld / establishment of a day care" in the mid-six-figure range, piwernetz further announced. In addition, there is interest in building apartments in steinbach, as requested by mayor thomas loffler. The government president also pointed out that the upper franconia foundation has supported various projects of the municipality with a total of almost 700,000 euros.

Piwernetz also addressed the district. The challenge is to take advantage of the opportunities for a future-proof infrastructure in the area of medicine and local amenities. She saw telemedicine as a way of providing better medical care for patients in the rural area. This offer could not replace the human attention and the personal conversation between doctor and patient, but telemedicine could lead to fewer restrictions for chronically ill patients.

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