Lichtenfels expands childcare

Lichtenfels expands childcare

Four more daycare groups are to be built in the city. The need for the 48 additional places is there, a new building on a city property above the catholic kindergarten in kronacher strabe is a done deal. Of the approximately 2.4 million euros budgeted for the project, the city will have to raise about 1.3 million euros of its own funds, with the remainder expected to come in the form of grants. City chamber johann pantel has provided for half of the costs in the budget for this year, which he presented to the city council on monday – next year the other half will fall due. The aim is for the new places for toddlers under three to be available from the start of the 2013/14 kindergarten year. Construction to start this year.

39.3-million-euro budget

The total volume of the 2012 budget amounts to 39.3 million euros. Around 9.5 million euros will be made available for investments – without borrowing or raising the tax rate. However, this was only made possible by the budget surplus achieved in 2011 and budget residues. Chamberman johann pantel made it clear that almost no reserves will remain for the coming year. And the list of deferred measures – from the sewage system in the districts of monchkrottendorf and lahm to the renovation of the town hall – is long and cost-intensive. It could be scary, said CSU faction spokesman robert gack, who was nevertheless anxious to look positively into the future. In recent years, a sound budgetary policy has been pursued and the per capita debt (629 euros at the beginning of the year) has been permanently reduced. A pleasing development can be seen in the income from business taxes. As the chamberer pointed out, these are at a relatively high level (see graph on the right); 5.8 million euros have been budgeted. A population decline and a worse income development than the national average are the reasons why 417,000 euros less than in the previous year's result will flow into the city's coffers from income tax participation: 6 million euros have been budgeted. At the same time, the city administration is experiencing sharply rising costs for the maintenance and management of buildings and properties, as well as for vehicles. Personnel costs increase by 357,000 to 8.56 million euros compared to the previous year due to the collective bargaining agreement and two new hires.

"Making the city more attractive

"We need to generate more in our city", concluded winfred bogdahn (SPD) and called for better marketing of the industrial area of seubelsdorf. Winfried weinbeer (freie wahler) agreed with him – prosperity only exists if industry is relocated or existing industry is maintained. After the two previous speakers had also touched on the subject of the braided house, inner city life and vacancies, harald schramm (grune) summarized the task for the future: an increase in the attractiveness of the city. He classified the construction of daycare centers and the expansion of the broadband network as projects that clearly point to the future. These are important location factors. Emmi zeulner also emphasized the name of the young burger.
Roland lowig (wahlervereinigung leuchsental-jura) reminded the audience of the "basket city" through fleshing out elements, as in the "visions 2020" concept presented in 2009 and could imagine to show active weavers in the empty rooms of the schlecker-building, market place 10, on weekends.
Other focal points of the unanimously approved budget plan are the connection of the retail park to the city center, the second construction phase of the cost of the local thoroughfare, fire protection measures for schools, the triple gymnasium and the city hall, as well as a 1.2-million-euro loan to the red cross for the construction of the new old people's and nursing home.

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