Lichtenfel’s pub night suffers from the cowslide

Lichtenfel's pub night suffers from the cowslide

The pub night organized by six lichtenfels pubs occurred. A little different than hoped for and announced in advance. What has already taken place several times in the wicker town, remained comparatively pale on saturday.

It had become cool on this saturday evening. In the announcement of the pub night, which lives mainly through its musical offer, there was something about a "warm summer night" to read. The evening should not be so lukewarm. However, not so useless rain-covered, as one of the announced bands feared in the morning. And thereupon as a precaution have canceled. "Father’s finest, who with their mixture of blues, funk and soul had been announced for a performance at saumarkt, had cancelled their appearance for fear of rain and the damage that would then be done to their stage equipment. This was explained by sylvia schamel, landlady of the "pinkus, on inquiry of our newspaper.

"For months you have summer weather and then this", said the hostess, pointing to the sky in a mixture of resignation and amusement. But "that" was actually not so bad, because the sky was supposed to be starry; quite useful for a band under it. However, the aforementioned cancellation has already taken a lot out of the musical pub night, because "father’s finest" will be there not only from the "pinkus, but was also hired by the weinhaus heidenreich. Two of the six starting points were thus eliminated. Nevertheless the saumarkt was lively.

What comes closest to the essence of a pub night with music, was found among others in the irish pub "paddy’s rest". The duo "the noble savages performed there, for a pub in style with guitar and fiddle. With oliver randak and lisanne melzer two studied musicians played, with the violinist even a chamber musician, who began to be enthusiastic about music between van morrison and tom waits.

The violin on the wall

The history of the duo’s founding also includes an anecdote. Lisanne melzer remembered this during a break in the performance. Years ago, for example, she took a violin from the wall of a pub that was used as a decorative requisite and started to play it. "She was terribly out of tune", the woman still laughs today.

The pub goers also had a lot to laugh about in the "dumpfelschopfer", where the trio "bieroxn" blues and rock in a rather whimsical way. The atmosphere was great, but as one guest said, probably already at the boiling point around 9 p.M.

Along the east-west axis between saumarkt and "dumpfelschopfer there was little audience traffic, those who had found a place stayed stationary.

The rumor of the guitarist

The face of the pub night also includes djs, as in the "paunchy cats" or the or at the herolds. According to a rumor, there is also a guitarist in the "tree house" have given. On inquiry it remained with the smell. Landlady sabine kowatsch explained that she did not have time for planning until 14 august. August learned about a planned pub night. On 15. August she went on vacation and then the time for planning was too short.

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