Leon jung in first place

Leon jung in first place

The youth group of the eltmann angling club looked back on a successful year in which many events (22) took place. In the theoretical courses such as fish, water, rats and law, the young people learned a lot, the association says.

Knowledge imparted

Many fish species, their habitats, flora and fauna of the plant world, new fishing assemblies, regulations and much more were discussed. In the practical part, the young people made a fishing board, which will certainly find its use later.
Also the fishing dates did not come too briefly. Carp fishing, trout fishing, midnight fishing, eel fishing and many other events took place. Fishing was also possible at other clubs such as the fishing club wallergrund, the fishing club zeil and in tretzendorf. The team fishing and the other dates challenged the camaraderie and helpfulness of the youngsters.

Coarse carp on the grill

A special highlight was the fishing for carp, which was combined with a barbecue party. A summer party, where trout was prepared, an environmental day, where young people and parents together cleaned the nature from the mull, were also on the schedule in 2017.
At the end of the year the youths met in the guesthouse schaaf in tretzendorf for the christmas party, where the youth group leader martin bauerfeind made it exciting.
In the fishing game about fish species, the correct characteristics had to be put to the fishes.
Artistic talent was also in demand when drawing the course of a stream, and the theory was a chance to show what had been learned. The young people waited expectantly for the announcement of the annual evaluation, for which they had collected points at the respective dates for participation, camaraderie, helpfulness, nature conservation, theory and practice.

The best in the evaluation

The three best youngsters this year leads with 188 points on the first place leon jung. He is followed in second place by jannik wiemann with 169 points. Third place went to moritz scholl with 154 points. The youth leader congratulated and appreciated the support of the association and the deputy youth group leader walter bauerfeind.

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