How to graft fruit trees?

How to graft fruit trees?

Hundreds of noble fruit trees were again distributed to fruit lovers during the noble fruit tree campaign of the coburg district association for horticulture and land conservation. The riceers spent the cold season in the ebersdorf bat cellar before they were allowed to awaken to new life in the springtime. After the issue of the edelreiser, a grafting course took place at the fruit educational garden. Here the participants learned that refining is not an art, but above all has a lot to do with practice, skill and background knowledge.

District technical advisor thomas neder presented chip-budding, variations of copulation and possibilities of grafting behind the bark. On the tall trunk of a participant, rice trees of an old variety were grafted, which is to be preserved. Under expert guidance, the participants were able to practice the grafting methods. The county association provided documents for people to try their hand at. The participants were allowed to take home their own grafted tree.

Note: the fruit educational garden of the district association at the district administration office is open again. In the outer area there is a row of interesting multivariety trees with four or even more varieties.

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