Honors for a quarter of a century at vr-bank bad kissingen

honors for a quarter of a century at vr-bank bad kissingen

"We are living in turbulent times, we have moved a lot in the last few years, the executive board of volksbank raiffeisenbank bad kissingen eg thanked three bank employees who have been contributing to the largest cooperative bank in the bad kissingen district for 25 years. Although they worked in very different fields, all three of them had achieved a great deal.

Dream grade

This is how elisabeth lauer began on 1. September 1993 the apprenticeship at the then volksbank in wildflecken, which she completed with a dream grade. After that, she was employed as a youth advisor and as a customer advisor, before moving to the passive back office after a period of parental leave, and then to the human resources department after another period of parental leave. "You have mastered all tasks and challenges with flying colors", the chairman of the board of directors, jurgen klubertanz, praised the oberbacher woman’s keen understanding, collegiality and warm-heartedness, which enabled her to work through many a case with intelligent questions in a committed manner. "We appreciate her enjoyment of her work, her loyalty and her seriousness."

Indispensable support

On the same day, matthias diez also began his training at the former raiffeisenbank in bad kissingen. His talent for responding to customers in a patient, stylish and solution-oriented manner was soon recognized, and after years of consulting work, his qualifications led him to become branch manager in bad kissingen and then head of sales, and he was also given power of attorney. "Their business-oriented approach, their understanding of the team of colleagues and of the customers are a helpful and indispensable support for the management board", board member knoll thanked the graduate banker, who had so "incidentally" is also still a prufer at the chamber of commerce and industry.

Experienced mergers

The third in the group is bertram paszkowski. He joined the company on 1. July 1993 in the service of the then raiffeisenbank fuchsstadt. He also experienced several mergers, later finding his job at raiffeisenbank hammelburg, and since the merger with VR-bank bad kissingen-bad bruckenau, his workplace has been in bad bruckenau. "And there are good reasons for that", board member knoll made it clear: "you have been in the accounting profession for many years or. Employed in the accounting department", an activity that still requires a great deal of expertise and a high level of attention and which – although increasingly automated by advancing technology – still requires the watchful eye of a human being. "We are grateful to you."

"25 years of loyalty to one employer is an immense life achievement", knoll thanked the jubilarians with a small present and the honorary certificate of the wurzburg-schweinfurt chamber of commerce and industry.

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