Hall fire: prosecution investigates insider

hall fire: prosecution investigates insider

The suspicion that the fire was set, which destroyed the recreation hall at the golden field in the night of 23. April had already revealed itself to the rescue workers during the firefighting operations: since the flames had to be fought in several places, it was obvious that fire accelerants had been used.

Recording devices had disappeared

What else seemed strange to the helpers: there were cameras installed in the hall. However, the recording devices had disappeared. So the assumption was that the arsonist was someone who had local knowledge.

This has now been confirmed by the public prosecutor's office in hof. Attorney general andreas cantzler reports that an insider is under investigation. Canztler emphasizes in this context, however, that it is not the owner of the facility.

Tax evasion?

The investigation is being conducted not only for arson, but also for suspected tax evasion. "The tax evasion is not directly related to the fire", according to the spokesman of the hofer public prosecutor's office. Because the case also involves a white-collar crime, it was only recently transferred from the bayreuth prosecutor's office to the hofer prosecutor's office, which is responsible for white-collar crimes.

On the loose

Even the persistent rumor that it was not a case of a single perpetrator was not far-fetched. As chief public prosecutor cantzler informs, there is in fact another suspect in the crime. According to him, the two people under investigation are not in custody, but are at large. "The question now is whether proof of the crime can be provided", says the chief public prosecutor about the state of the investigation.

270 rescue workers in action

The fire in the recreation hall in april led to one of the worst firefighting operations in kulmbach's recent past. Against 3.30 uh was in the night to the 23. April smoke development in the street "am goldenen feld have been reported. The fire set fire to almost the entire interior of the sheet metal-clad hall, which housed a bowling center, an indoor children's playground and a restaurant. Up to 270 firefighters, rescue workers and police officers were on the scene for hours after the fire had proved difficult to clear.

There were no injured

Fortunately, no one was injured in the fire. However, there was damage amounting to three million euros. During the investigation, the fire investigators were assisted by an expert from the bavarian state criminal police office and by a specially trained police tracker dog. In mid-may, the police confirmed that the fire had been set.

What will become of the ruins of the fire?

When asked two weeks ago whether the ruins of the fire will be demolished, the owner said that he did not know yet. He had to wait for the results of the expert opinions. It is also not yet clear how the fire can be settled with the insurance company. The businessman has already applied for partial demolition of the building. However, this has not yet been approved, according to the businessman. Seven months after the night of the fire, he was unable to answer the question of whether he was planning to rebuild the building.

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