Good wine attracts the people of hochstadt

Good wine attracts the people of hochstadt

"Schoppenfetzer" they are called in the area around wurzburg. But the friends of a good french wine are no longer limited to the french wine region. The people of hochstadt and many visitors from the surrounding area got a taste for it.

At the wine festival of the hochstadt associations, many a merry group could even be found at all three locations. The short paths of the party mile made it possible.

The ski club, the home and preservation association and the fishing association had pitched their tents in particularly beautiful places in the old town. Thanks to the pleasant temperatures, the "feeling" was good on this late summer evening a completely different one than the year before with quite unpleasant weather.

One of the most atmospheric places was the city tower. Skiclub chairman hubert scheidel and his team had taken possession of the historic building including the first tower level and set it wonderfully in scene by illumination.

Like in the old vienna

The traditional inn "zum hirschen" was a cozy place: the atmosphere was like that of old vienna with its "schrammel" music. No, no wiping of the eyes helped: vine-covered bacchantes had mingled with the guests of the home association. The castle courtyard and the castle vault were just the right setting for romantic moods: open fires and the time-honored ambience made the wines taste even better.

Speaking of wine: "life is too short to drink bad wine", already dichterfurst johann wolfgang von goethe – a pronounced genieber – is said to have said. No, bad wine was not served at the hochstadt wine festival.

Quite the opposite: the associations put their faith in quality. Wolfgang dorsch, the "cellar master" so to speak at the ski club, had the experience that high quality wines "go better" as the simple house wine. Accordingly, he had ordered from the winery martin in ziegelanger.

The home association remained faithful to its roth winery in wiesenbronn. Only organic wines were served, as georg romer, chairman of the heimatverein, explained. Thanks to the pleasant temperatures, the visitors were happy to sit in front of the restaurant.

The fishing club also had a full house. Open fires created the atmosphere in the castle courtyard, while friends of a stylish ambience enjoyed the wine in the historic vault. Chairman klaus muller has already been seen with two heavy trunks full of feathered wheat. To the classic french silvaner, the racy domina, an aromatic bacchus, the elegant riesling or a noble spatburgunder, the associations served delicacies such as onion and tarte flambee, pizza, cheese, grapes, plucked or solid food from the oven, for example, pepper pretzels, cheese or pepperoni pockets.

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