Franconia forest clinic: “closing in the interest of the patients”

Franconia Forest Clinic:

Up to and including 8. October the gynecology and obstetrics departments at the helios-frankenwaldklinik kronach will remain closed. The reason for this are the absences of two doctors (we reported). This decrease meets with incomprehension from the public as well as from domestic politicians. We spoke to claudia holland-jopp, a consultant at the hospital, about how the clinic is responding to this criticism and what the current situation at kronach hospital looks like.

Politicians have more or less strongly condemned helios' approach to the temporary closure of departments. How helios and the clinic deal with this criticism?
Claudia holland-jopp: we take every criticism that comes our way seriously. As a hospital operator, however, we are sometimes forced to make unpleasant decisions, as in this case, because we alone bear the responsibility for the hospital and our patients. We made the decision after careful consideration of all alternatives – for the good and safety of the women and families who place their trust in us.

The free voters demand that the closure be shortened to the bare minimum. The envisaged timeframe of up to and including 8 months is not feasible. October at this point in time, we still have to take it in?
We very much regret the temporary closure and are ourselves interested in keeping it as short as possible. We are confident that the gynecology and obstetrics clinic will be ready for the 9th quarter. October to be able to resume operations.

Why has it not been possible to close the hospital by reassigning doctors within the group? To cushion?
We have already taken advantage of the support offered by helios specialists from other clinics in the past. Only at the beginning of this year, a midwife from a helios clinic in saxony-anhalt had supported us. Due to holidays and autumn vacations in several federal states, other helios clinics could not help us out with specialist staff this time.

The loss of two doctors has led to the closure of the school. In view of this, is the general workload not far too high for these physicians if they have to manage the department in pairs, even during vacation/sick leave and in view of the shift work?? Can you tell how long a work week is for a doctor in such a position??
Our gynecology and obstetrics team consists not only of chief physician and senior physician. In fact, a whole team of assistant physicians is active under her direction. However, we have specialist staffing standards to which we strictly adhere to ensure high-quality work and a high level of patient safety. It is not possible to make general statements about working hours, especially as these are also dependent on emergency and seasonal factors.
We are keeping a close eye on the performance and workload of our chief physician and her senior physician. Therefore we look intensively for a personnel reinforcement. The corresponding position of a senior physician has been advertised.

One more rumor: it is said that the closure is not at all related to the staff, but rather to a germ contamination in the department. What do they say?
That is nonsense. The temporary closure is due exclusively to personnel reasons, namely the short-term absence of our chief physician and our senior physician due to illness or accident.

Reactions to the schliebung

the frankenwaldklinik kronach informed us on thursday, 28. September, about the fact that due to the absence of two doctors, it will temporarily close its gynecology department. The 9. October was supposed to be the day of the reopening. To this date is still held.

Member of parliament jurgen baumgartner (CSU) subsequently scolded the hospital's management for acting irresponsibly and for having a staff that had to bow to the pursuit of profit. District councillor richard rauh (SPD) emphasized that there was a need to talk and that the clinic could suffer image damage. On the part of the free voters, stefan wicklein, wolfgang beiergroblein and peter hanel denounced that the clinic was making it too easy for itself with the closure. They also asked why no other doctor from the rough helios group can step in.

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