Ebersdorf is in kerwaf fever

Ebersdorf is in kerwaf fever

On sunday the people of ebersdorf celebrated kirchweih in bright sunshine. 14 couples paraded through the village, and then danced all afternoon on the historic anger.
Numerous onlookers and visitors were at the anger to admire the decorative madel in their historic costumes and the boys as they danced the three traditional dances waltz, polka and rheinlander over the anger.

Of course, the frankenwald musicians from windheim were in action again this year. These musicians have accompanied the traditional costume parade and the boys’ parade for many years and have long been a popular and permanent feature of the "ebersdorfer kirchweih".

The efforts for this festival have paid off. The finale began on the tuesday after the schutzenfest in ludwigsstadt. From this point on, the boys and girls were in action almost every evening.

The preparations were also this year connected with an immense amount of work. Everybody who is 16 years old, lives in ebersdorf or at least one of his parents grew up in ebersdorf is allowed to participate.

The traditional kirchweih is a huge festival for the entire village. For the young people, this means maintaining tradition, cohesion, and contact with young people from neighboring villages.

It will continue on monday. At 10 a.M. There will be a "fruhschoppen" with the brass band of ebersdorf. In the afternoon there is once again a traditional costume parade. Afterwards, the "man elevator" takes place instead of. The kirchweih couples look for dance partners from the local population, with whom they march through the village and then dance on the anger. In the evening, the frankenwaldmusikanten windheim again play for dancing.

Tuesday is from 10 o’clock fruhschoppen. In the afternoon there is entertainment music with "revolution. At 8 p.M. The kirchweih will end with a dance with the "rennsteig-duo ended.

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