Ebern’s niklas ruhnau wins the race

Ebern's niklas ruhnau wins the race

The young anglers from ebern were successful at the training camp. This was also connected with the district youth king fishing, as the angler association ebern and surroundings informed. There were first places for the team ebern.

The training camp with the lower franconian district youth fishing took place in iphofen. In total, twelve clubs with 58 young people between ten and 21 years of age competed in three groups (ten to 14 years, 14 to 18 years and 19 to 21 years). In the disciplines casting (recognized sport; accuracy casting as well as long distance casting with special rods), knot tying, knowledge test and fishing on the river main near marktbreit and on the lake in iphofen, the youth king of lower franconia was determined. This year’s youth king is niklas ruhnau and comes from the ebern club. Such a success has not been achieved by a youth of the angler club ebern until now. Ruhnau will enter the race for this year’s bavarian youth fishing competition under the flag of the ebern association together with the lower franken fishing association. But not only niklas ruhnau, but the entire group of eberners performed very positively in the four disciplines.

The team of valentin dutsch and niklas ruhnau won the first place in the tandem ranking (overall ranking of two anglers of one club). Tom paluchin was the best knot tyer and jakob waiblinger could reach the fifth place in the individual evaluation.

Theory and practice

Youth work has always been a priority at the ebern fishing club. The young people are trained in theory and practice, assures the association. In the first week of the vacations the next big event in the fishing youth will take place. Then it’s off to the camp at the quarry pond in unterbrunn.

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