Ears perked up in the zeiler cinema

ears perked up in the zeiler cinema

Comfortably sprawled on the sofa or armchair, with a cold beer in the hand, in front driving entertainment – that's the way to live. In the wings of the capitol theater, where people normally watch hollywood blockbusters and love stories on the big screen, visitors on friday evening were treated to something completely different: "soul jam" was the name of the show, "minimal", "timeless" and "crash unplugged stood on the stage and showed that for good live music you only need to step in front of the house.

Since april 2011 there is the "ohrenkino", which the music initiative habberge and the capitol theater zeil with their boss bruno schneyer organized biannually untilland. Their goal: "to give young bands from the region the opportunity to perform on stage", as michael lorz from the music initiative explained. Bruno schneyer, owner of the zeiler kino, adds that they want to make sure there is a mix of up-and-coming and already established bands – to create exchange.

Young professionals
What status the bands had on this evening, was sometimes hard to find out for the visitors. For despite their youth, they all seemed like old hands in the music business and proved that in the cinema, even without a screen and a film reel, things can really take off.

The perfect introduction was provided by "soul jam" from bamberg. Their musical mixture is their motto and the name of their first record: "rap meets rock". The four-piece quickly swept away the audience. Accompanied by groovy bass and guitar sound and always in time with the drums, frontman "george 33" belted out the against the self-composed songs and freestyle-rap. An exotic-intrusive combination that made you want more.

In between, the acoustic duo "minimal" played a softer song the horer. Adrian and iris, both 18 years old, are members of the music initiative bad neustadt and are on tour with the band exchange program "bands on tour" came to the cinema in zeil. A guitar and a set of tuning bands are their instruments.

Besides their own creations, from which many a songwriter could take a leaf out of their book, the two played cover versions with their very own touch. From "barbie girl or "I'm sexy and I know it" they made really listenable and coherent songs. A duo that carries a lot of talent and will hopefully continue to seek its way onto the stage.

Hunger for music
"Timeless", a young band from the steigerwald region shows its hunger for music. Energetic and driving, they performed songs from coldplay and the red hot chili peppers to jan delay and casper. A colorful mix that appealed to everyone. But as much fun as it was – after an encore the five boys had to clear the stage for the next group.

"Crash unplugged was already in the starting holes. The french acoustic quintet was the last act of the evening and brought the cinema hall up to speed with cover songs from the eighties to current top ten hits. With a groovy sound that not only gets into your legs, but also into your heart, they provided a successful conclusion to the evening.

Conclusion of the whole: the bands from the surrounding area have a lot of potential. What a colorful audience of young and old knew to appreciate. And not only the audience enjoyed the evening. Niko, the singer of "timeless, when asked what he thought of the performance and the evening, he could only come up with two words: "awesome!!" he was enthusiastic about the audience. "Because, when we play elsewhere, the people always need two to three hours and one or two drops of alcohol, until they go along as it was the case here from the beginning."

Very cool ambience, super audience
And also the frontman of "soul jam", "george 33", was taken with the event. "Very cool ambience, great audience, good atmosphere and everything very chilled", he paid. It didn't bother him that he didn't get any money, just like all the other bands, but only a small compensation for his expenses. After all, music is an important part of his life, as he emphasized.

And the music initiative, which has to cover all the costs for the event with free admission, is financed almost exclusively by sponsors and donations. In the end, there's not much left for the artists – if there's anything left at all. But to put it in george's words from the song "on the road".. To say, which he had performed on stage shortly before and which all the other bands of the evening were sure to agree on: "we do it for the cause – we don't do it for the money."

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