Do you also have pain?

Stomach ache, headache, backache, toothache – the list could go on and on. Many people are plagued by pain. They are actually a symptom that something is wrong in the body, but pain can also become an illness in itself there is even a nationwide association dedicated to the topic of pain: the german pain society.
"We want to achieve that the health system is there for the pain patients, unfortunately it often runs at present the other way round" so prof. Dr. Med. Michael schafer, president of the german pain society. "Especially in the area of pain, we are dealing with severe underuse and misuse among many millions of people. Although health policy, for example with the resolution of the youngest 88. Conference of state health ministers, essential signals set, but overall much remains to be done", according to the pain expert. A fact recognized in bad kissingen. Here in st.-elisabeth hospital has dr. Maximiliane deckart started to establish a pain center in september 2015. Initially, she thought she had time to slowly build up the new department. She had not. Quite quickly, the demand from patients was coarser than the possibilities of treatment. In march of this year there was a waiting list for potential patients until june (see the issue of 22. March 2016).
According to estimates, around five to eight million people in germany alone suffer from chronic pain. The multimodal pain treatment, as developed in bad kissingen by dr. Deckart is a holistic inpatient therapy that addresses not only the physical effects of pain, but also the psychological effects that often accompany it. Because pain often has many faces in the course of an illness.

A multi-layered approach

permanent pain alters the affected patients. They participate less in everyday and leisure activities, withdraw more and more in everyday life and avoid social contacts. This is exactly where the concept of this pain therapy comes into play. "Besides dr. Deckart’s treatment team at the eli in bad kissingen consists of psychologists, occupational therapists, physiotherapists, nurses and other professionals who work hand in hand in the therapy", says ingo mack, the clinic’s press spokesman. The goal is for those affected to expand their pain-related restricted living space and achieve a better quality of life.
What to do for pain, our experts can answer these questions next tuesday.

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