Dispute about east side gallery intensifies

dispute about east side gallery intensifies

Shortly after 5.00 o’clock excavators rolled in to create a construction site access road. The investor, who wants to build a high-rise apartment building between the wall and the spree river, thus covered a hole about six meters long that had already been torn since the beginning of march, but announced that parts of the wall that had been cut out would be put back in later.

250 police officers were on duty and also secured the area on the banks of the spree during the day. During the breakthrough were only a few demonstrators on the spot. The senate reacted brusquely, as negotiations for a solution to the conflict continued. Berlin’s mayor, klaus wowereit (SPD), also intervened with a compromise proposal.

The dispute over the wall stucco in the district of friedrichshain-kreuzberg has been raging for four weeks now. Artists from all over the world had painted the 1.3 kilometer long wall after the fall of the wall. The wall gallery, an attraction for tourists from all over the world, had already been breached in some places in the early years.

The investor living bauhus, who wants to build a high-rise building with 36 luxury apartments behind the east side gallery, announced that the "temporary wall relocation" had become necessary because after four weeks of talks with the senate, the district and the investors of the neighboring property, no alternative had been found. "We regret that there is currently no other way," said a spokesman.

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