Dfb president keller:fubball does not claim a special role

Dfb president keller:fubball does not claim a special role

The 63-year-old head of the world’s largest professional sports association wrote in an article for "kicker," among other things, that soccer is not claiming a special role in the crisis caused by the coronavirus pandemic, "even if some people with an eagle eye have come to this conclusion.

Keller’s main point was that possible tests for sportsmen and sportswomen should not be carried out at the expense of other areas. "This is ensured by our team of internal and external medical experts, who are currently fighting tirelessly for the fubball."The dfb boss confirmed: "professional soccer will be ready as soon as the authorities give the green light to return to the pitch and, for the time being, to the living rooms."

The 36 professional clubs of the german soccer league will meet on 23. April the way forward. At the moment, play is suspended until at least 30. April. After the federal government and the federal states have announced major events up to the 31st. August, the federation and the clubs are gearing up for a continuation of the season with ghost games.

Keller emphasized that at the moment they are no longer fighting together "to ensure that the many soccer players in every town and village in germany, from the bundesliga to the district league, have the best possible conditions – but rather that the ball can roll again at all. The most important task has perhaps never been as topical as it is today: "lobbying for our 25 or so forests.000 clubs, for our more than seven million members."

The president of the german federation of soccer also pointed out the contribution of sports and soccer in particular to the common good. Both knew how to help themselves in many ways, "but they must not be left to their own devices by politicians," he stressed.

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