Beth ditto signs shoes of ft reader martina zwosta

Beth ditto signs shoes of ft reader martina zwosta

The big bayern3 party in teuschnitz will be remembered by many people. Two women from neufang, however, undoubtedly felt the event more deeply than the "normal" people village festival visitors.

Martina zwosta had won a meeting with beth ditto at the FT. Together with her friend cindy batz, she was allowed behind the scenes before the world star's performance. She had brought two silver shoes especially for this moment, which were to be signed by the artist.

A down-to-earth star

Martina Zwosta was clearly in a state of limelight before the meeting. But in the presence of beth ditto, the excitement quickly faded away. "I am grateful to the FT for this unique experience", she was pleased when she returned to the press tent. "It was totally super. Beth ditto was "totally relaxed", cindy batz stated. Jeans skirt, polka-dot shirt and silver birkenstock shoes – beth ditto has come to ruber as a star to touch. "She was relaxed and took everyone in her arms." and the silver shoes? They were of course signed. And the shirt. And a signed CD on top of that. Many a fan could become envious.

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