Autumn bazaar attracts visitors to the community center

Autumn bazaar attracts visitors to the community center

In the community center st. Johannis has a lively atmosphere. Parents positioned themselves everywhere and loaded sales tables with all kinds of goodies that leave hardly anything to be desired for children. The parents' council of the kindergarten st. Johannis invited to the annual autumn bazaar.

It's an event where parents can get rid of their offspring's discarded clothes, unwanted toys and other clutter. On the other hand, children who can still do something with all these things may be happy. 35 sales tables crowded together in the coarse hall. Two smaller rooms are also used as sales rooms. "We are fully booked", says eva schroder, chairwoman of the parents' council, with satisfaction. There is even a waiting list. Six euro costs a small, eight euro a coarser sales table.

Children scurry through the aisles, looking for a great toy that mom absolutely has to buy. Coffee and cake in the foyer. Mother with her youngest child in her arms rummaging through snow suits and bodysuits hoping for the next snatch. And this is sure to come. You can buy pants for as little as 1.50 euros, and shoes for as little as three euros.

Examine clothes

Nevertheless. Is this concrete stumbling in "real" things are not actually long out of fashion? What are online auction houses like E-bay for, after all?? Simply make your selection at home on the screen, bid, order – done!. Why make the effort and get out of the house? It is much more practical to use the internet, especially with a whining child in tow. Or?

Is it not. At least, that's what many of the parents who flocked to the community center on saturday said. If you only mention the name of the auction giant, you only get a shake of the head from several sides. "Here at the bazaar, i can take the clothes directly in my hand and check whether there is a hole in them", says kristina schleise, who is currently browsing through pantyhose. The clothing on offer is generally still in very good condition, as most of the items have only been worn for one season. Children grow fast.

Kristina schleise was looking for an overall for her little son darian (eight months old) and found it. She had to pay four euros. "It looks great and I paid 30 euros for a new one in the store", the young mother is happy about the money she has saved. After shopping, she wants to have a cup of coffee and a chat with her friends.

A few tables away, karen justi and her son timo (4) are looking for brio train tracks. You are already well informed. "When I buy things at the bazaar, I don't pay any shipping costs", she says. Justi prefers to browse here rather than on the internet.

"E-bay doesn't pay off"

The enthusiasm of most sellers towards e-bay is also limited. "It's too much effort and doesn't pay off", kerstin cont is convinced. She has also sold on the internet, but she thinks it's not really worth it. She must photograph and pack the goods, wait for the payment, then also give a commission to E-bay. "At a self-service market like this, I pay a flat rate for a table. I set the prices for the items myself and do not depend on the bids", finds cont.

But a sales bazaar like this also makes a lot of money, which should not be concealed. Two hours before the sale begins, the parents are on site to set up the tables, distribute the displays and prepare everything. Even the cakes offered for starters have to be baked beforehand by hardworking moms and dads. The proceeds go to the children's day care center. All this is organized by the parents' council. "We always hope that as many as possible will participate", says schroder. The next children's bazaar will be held in the spring.

The frohs family offers mainly toys at their stand. She is not so critical of e-bay – on the contrary. "Otherwise we sell on the internet", says mother claudia, who rarely participates in bazaars. She puts together coarser packages with about 30 items, which is more worthwhile than giving everything away individually. She is not afraid of packaging and shipping.

Overflowing baskets

Carola schmidt, who mainly offers clothing at her stand, prefers the bazaar. "Personal contact does not take place on the internet. Here we get to talk and exchange our experiences." melanie walburg takes an interested look at a child's cardigan. The coarse shopping basket that she puts on the floor for so long is already overflowing a little. One or the other on this day carries his booty home in rough toutes.

"You have to be careful not to buy too much. That happens easily when everything is so cheap", reports daniela voit. So she always makes a list in her head beforehand so that this does not happen so often. "Christmas is coming soon, she then says and buys another small playmobil excavator for her son.

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