Attention rip-off: consumer advice center warns of fake windows 7 support

Update from 19.02.2020: consumer advice center warns of windows 7 scammers

Already for a long time a microsoft scam has been circulating via telephone. Fraudsters posing as microsoft employees offer their victims to protect the operating system from damage or even help them switch to windows 10. With the end of updates for windows 7, this scam is getting a new boost.

In reality, the callers, most of whom speak english or only broken german, are not trying to help you switch to a newer windows system. On the contrary: the scammers try to trick you into downloading remote maintenance software. With this program the scammers get access to your data and can even lock the computer. Those affected are pressured into paying mostly three-digit sums for alleged updates or similar services.

The scam also exists via e-mail or via pop-ups on websites. The consumer center advises in such cases to immediately end the phone call. Microsoft never sends unsolicited e-mails to customers according to their own information. Ignore dubious e-mails and pop-ups. If you have doubts about the authenticity of an e-mail, it can be helpful to take a closer look at the sender's address. Often scammers use foreign as well as unknown domain endings. It is also recommended to report a case of fraud to the police.

Support for windows 7 discontinued since mid january

Like our site already reported the entire support for windows 7 on 14. January 2020. Affected users have been advised to change in a timely manner. According to chip.De this was still a quarter of all microsoft users. And this, although microsoft wanted to discontinue the operating system already years ago. For most users, it may have amounted to a free switch to windows 10 in the private environment, as reported by c't magazine (issue 26/19).

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Microsoft itself states on the page about the expiring windows 7 support that the free upgrade is no longer available and recommends the purchase of a new device with windows 10*. However, this is not the whole truth: windows 10 still accepts installation keys from windows 7 – as long as it stays with the installed windows edition.

Windows 7: there are three switchover options

Windows 7 is still fully functional, but without updates no security holes will be closed – and that is fatal. Because the number of newly discovered security holes as potential gateways for trojans or viruses in windows 7 is steadily increasing.

There are three ways to switch: upgrade the windows 7 installation to windows 10, replace it with windows 10 by reinstalling it, or install the new operating system in parallel with the old one. In any case, back up your data beforehand and download the free media creation tool from microsoft. With it, all the data needed for the changeover from windows 10 can be downloaded – and, for example, burned onto a usb stick.

The advantage of a conversion is that programs, settings and data remain untouched, which is also true for a parallel installation. There even the entire familiar windows 7 installation is preserved and is always just a restart away. Another advantage of the parallel installation, which also applies to the new installation, is that you get a new "clean" installation windows 10 on the computer.

No upgrade without driver check

In the case of the upgrade variant, the experts urgently recommend checking the system again and updating the drivers, especially critical drivers such as those for the graphics chip or USB interfaces. In addition, uninstall the virus scanner, also because windows 10 comes with its own defender. Otherwise the upgrade can fail because of outdated drivers – or because the virus protection intervenes.

If an upgrade is planned, it is important to ensure that the burned DVD or the USB stick with windows 10 is inserted or plugged in while windows 7 is running and that the "setup" file is installed.Exe" is called.

Only the new installation requires a new start

If you want to reinstall windows 10 and completely replace windows 7, you have to restart your computer with a DVD or USB stick inserted so that it can boot from one of these media.

For parallel installation of windows 10 alongside windows 10, it is crucial that there is an additional free partition on the hard drive.

If it doesn't exist yet, you can set it up in windows disk management ("control panel/administration/computer management") by cutting space from an already existing partition.

Fine tune windows 10 privacy

One of the first things you should do when installing windows 10 is to check the privacy options under "settings/privacy". You can get there by clicking on the windows icon at the bottom left, followed by clicking on the gear icon.

If you don't want to work through the various menus yourself, you can also use a tool like "O&O shutup10" use that suggests privacy-oriented settings to users and can set them in one go.

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