A concert with many facets

A concert with many facets

For this reason, the concert was under the motto "always a little funny", given in the old auditorium in munnerstadt, something very special. The visitors were served not only the confectionery, but also the main course, so that it became an all-around successful musical feast.But not only music was offered on a very high level: also about the life of rathgeber was told again and again in the interpassages. This part was taken over by christel keb, who herself comes from oberelsbach, rathgeber's place of birth. With the song "vom april-gehen" susanne handwerker (soprano) and berthold gab on the piano led the audience into the coming spring.

Sense of irony
That rathgeber has a sense of subtle irony and was also able to make fun of the immoralities of his environment, was shown by the quodlibeticum "the coarse braggart". With much derision he knew how to mock the virtues of such contemporaries, whose type has unfortunately survived the times.

A "dangerous song stood then with the "of creation adam and eva" on the program. At the time, the piece had been censored. However, the audience in the old auditorium was reminded that rathgeber was not too strict a churchman, but that he always had a sense of the importance of the environment humor shines through.
After the break, the concerto 7 from opus IV was among the pieces on the program. Berthold gab (piano), carola kroczek and reinhard wilimsky (violin) and erik wiesner (cello) performed this interesting piece by rathgeber. Further advice followed. And when singer susanne handwerker refused to sing, the audience had to step in and make sure that the "always a little bit" was not forgotten funny" continued. The listeners proved to be astonishingly sure of the lyrics. But what berthold had come up with for the audience also showed one thing very clearly: rathgeber's songs are definitely catchy.

Long applause
After the concert, more than one person left the hall still humming the wise rathgeber tunes. Of course not, before one had donated very rough applause and had been rewarded for it from musician side with an encore.

The concert was a great success. The musicians, all of them amateurs, fascinated the audience with their enthusiastic playing. The performance of susanne handwerker as soprano must be especially emphasized.

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