A “bandido” and drug dealer as a v-man?


A member of the regensburg "bandidos" motorcycle club is said to have been an undercover agent of the bavarian state criminal police ( LKA) and, at the same time, to have supplied crystal speed from a drug bust in cheb/ eger near the czech border to the kitzingen area as a dealer last year: in any case, the 45-year-old was driving a mercedes with further license plates, which had been made available to him by the LKA, when he was arrested on the afternoon of the 23rd of june. November 2011 and was arrested. Near waldsassen in the upper palatinate, he was involved in a "suspicionless dragnet" that is customary there got caught.

The fact that he introduced himself to the narcotics investigators as a kind of colleague did not impress them at first. He was coming from a bank appointment in the czech republic, said the "bandido on four wheels. When the police officers investigated, they found ten grams of crystal in the car driver's slip. At the police station in waldsassen, the man gave the name and telephone number of a member of the LKA, who immediately had to be informed of his arrest.

In the late afternoon, the arrested man was free again, despite the ten grams of crystal, and drove very confidently with the LKA." sledge" from the yard of the waldsassen police to his accommodation in a pension in neighboring kondrau. The fact that a folding knife was lying ready to hand in the storage compartment of the driver's door immediately made the situation considerably worse for other dealers, but did not play any role at all in this case. The V-man said in explanation that a "bandido" was a "criminal" must always have his knife handy and the police inspection in waldsassen received a visit from two LKA officers shortly afterwards.

Mandatstrager of the NPD in rocker-clothes

In which mission the V-man of the bavarian LKA with the "bandidos the question of whether there was a connection with the crystal deliveries to the district of kitzingen was only raised yesterday afternoon before the fifth gross criminal division of the wurzburg district court when the public, including the press, "stole" the crystal was. Only on this condition had the LKA officer responsible for the V-man received permission from his superiors to testify.

The V-man mandate referred, so it was assumed outside the meeting room, to NPD members in rocker circles and there the regensburg "bandidos" delivered in the past years already headlines with a high-carat mandatstrager of the NPD in rocker-clothing.

Whether the accused V-man was dealing with the knowledge of his leaders in order to become a member of the "bandidos" whether he took advantage of his v-man status for private business will be the key question in the trial. Some witnesses, including his future son-in-law, have already confirmed that the man supplied dealers in the district of kitzingen, especially his daughter who lives there, with mostly high-quality crystal speed from the czech republic.

The synthetic substance was handed over, which quickly becomes addictive and severely "marks" the user psychologically and physically, on rastplatzen in the upper palatinate, up to 100 grams per shank.

It threatens safety custody

at the time of the crime, the accused was under double custody. He brings with him over a dozen criminal convictions, including one for forming a criminal organization in italy. The public prosecutor's office has already asked a psychiatric expert to take into account the conditions for preventive detention in his expert opinion. The trial continues.

Last year, when the police were monitoring the phones of suspected criminals in the kitzingen area, a 24-year-old hartz-IV recipient stood out because she often called her supplier "papa" when ordering crystal called. The criminal investigation department suspected that this was a nickname. Only later did it emerge that the dealer from the upper palatinate is in fact the father of the young woman. Allegedly he wanted to help the daughter with the intoxicant only from a financial bottleneck out.

The life of the 24-year-old, a drug-using machine builder, was recently sentenced to three years and one month in prison for his involvement in narcotics trafficking. As he named names, more dealers went behind bars afterwards. The daughter of the now accused V-man is meanwhile also in custody, she is to testify shortly in the trial against her father and will then be charged herself.

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