“School around the book”

Reading is a key qualification even in the age of digitalization. And so, for two weeks, the challenge of reading motivation was the focus of the lessons at the henneberg elementary school. The spontaneous exclamation of a schoolgirl true to an author’s reading "reading makes fun" showed that the offer obviously fell on fertile ground.
Under the title "school around the book the children could expect a variety of activities: posters were designed, authors and their works were presented in lectures, and bookmarks were made in handicrafts class. All classes determined their class winners in a reading competition.
The highlights for the children, however, were a rough book exhibition and various author readings in the three schoolhouses. The gymnasiums were temporarily converted into exhibition rooms, where a traveling exhibition of the bavarian teachers’ association (BLLV) was presented with around 400 books from various subject areas. For the children, there were smokehouses set up where they could study the works of.
Since it is also interesting to know who the people are who write such books, various authors were invited to readings. Roman todt from bad kissingen was the first to pay. Thomas mc pfeiffer followed, who – living in reiterswiesen – had a home match. Jutta wielkem came from hanau, and heiko wolz, who lives in kirschfurt near miltenberg, rounded off the event.
The week of activities was made possible by the semi-financial proceeds of last year’s sponsored run as well as by the generous support of raiffeisenbank and the bus company gunther wolf (GWK), which had dedicated this year’s christmas campaign to the henneberg school.
The remaining money is to be used to expand the school libraries according to the children’s wishes and to purchase sets of classics by the authors that the children had the opportunity to get to know during the readings.


Strike at kaufhof – but business is open

strike at kaufhof - but business is open

The labor action was intended to reinforce union demands in the collective bargaining to be held on thursday and friday, as reported by verdi. Despite the strike, however, all galeria karstadt kaufhof stores remained open, emphasized the company’s head of sales, thomas wanke.

According to the union, employees in a total of 68 kaufhof stores, 16 karstadt sports stores and around 8 karstadt feinkost stores were to take part in the work stoppages. "The employees at kaufhof, but also karstadt, are angry. They are demanding that there finally be a secure collective bargaining solution for the future of the warehouse and their jobs, and that the energy-consuming hangs be brought to an end," said verdi negotiator orhan akman.

Verdi and galeria karstadt kaufhof have been negotiating for some time on a joint restructuring collective agreement for the new department store giant created by the merger. According to verdi, a merger without a new collective bargaining agreement would automatically mean a pay cut of around eleven percent for kaufhof employees. The concern for gross unrest among the employees.


No stichwahl: franz uome wins in marktleugast

No stichwahl: franz uome wins in marktleugast

Even the winner had not thought that the result would be so clear and that there would be no runoff: franz uome (CSU) can defend the chair in the town hall of marktleugast – without having to go to a runoff election. Uome secured an absolute majority (56.61 percent) in the first round of voting, beating out norbert volk of the marktleugast electoral association (26.78 percent) and reiner meisel of the free voters (16.61 percent).

Incentive for the years to come

"I didn’t think it would go so smoothly with three candidates", the office holder declared in a first statement, only to add immediately: "i am glad that it is done and that i was able to convince the majority of the citizens through my work." the election result was an incentive for him for the next six years. He will know how to honor the trust placed in him in the future.

According to franz uome, the decisive factor in the election was that he implemented the promises he made during the election campaign six years ago. "This has now been honored."


Hall fire: prosecution investigates insider

hall fire: prosecution investigates insider

The suspicion that the fire was set, which destroyed the recreation hall at the golden field in the night of 23. April had already revealed itself to the rescue workers during the firefighting operations: since the flames had to be fought in several places, it was obvious that fire accelerants had been used.

Recording devices had disappeared

What else seemed strange to the helpers: there were cameras installed in the hall. However, the recording devices had disappeared. So the assumption was that the arsonist was someone who had local knowledge.

This has now been confirmed by the public prosecutor's office in hof. Attorney general andreas cantzler reports that an insider is under investigation. Canztler emphasizes in this context, however, that it is not the owner of the facility.


Bgh: banks may cancel current account without declaration

Bgh: banks may cancel current account without declaration

The action brought by a right-wing extremist book distributor was thus essentially unsuccessful. The commerzbank had cancelled the account without stating any specific reason. A clause to this effect in the general terms and conditions of business was effective, the federal court of justice ruled. The bank was not obliged to justify any unequal treatment of different customers (az. XI ZR 22/12).

The true background of the dispute can only be guessed at. The bookseller’s program "lesen und schenken" includes titles such as "die ritterkreuztrager der waffen-SS" – a work that is advertised as an "honorary book of the bravest" and fits in seamlessly with the rest of the selection. In 2009, commerzbank informed the bookseller that it was no longer in a position to maintain the account relationship "for fundamental reasons". The bank did not give any further reasons.

Such a notice is in principle legal, the BGH now ruled. The bank was not obliged to treat all customers equally. "There was no obligation to substantiate the notice in any way," said presiding judge ulrich wiechers. The principles of rental or labor law do not apply to contracts for checking accounts.


Biden defends himself against accusations of abuse: never happened

Biden defends himself against accusations of abuse: never happened

Democratic presidential candidate joe biden vehemently defends himself against accusations of sexual assault in the 1990s. "They are not true. That never happened," explained the former U.S. Vice president.

Biden spoke out for the first time about the allegations against him that have overshadowed his campaign against president donald trump.

The accusations go back a long way: a former staffer from biden’s time as U.S. Senator, tara reade, accuses the now 77-year-old of printing her against a wall in a senate building in 1993, reaching under her skirt and penetrating her with his fingers. Biden’s election campaign had already clearly denied the accusations, but the democrat himself had so far remained silent on the subject.


Maddie case: hundreds of witnesses called in after “aktenzeichen xy

maddie case: hundreds of witnesses called in after 'aktenzeichen xy

The appeals for witnesses continue: since the beginning of june, more than 800 television reports have come in about the case of the girl maddie mccann, who disappeared 13 years ago.

Still during the ZDF program “aktenzeichen XY… According to the federal criminal police office (BKA), a further 16 reports were received on wednesday evening. Some are already considered to be further along in the investigation, said BKA investigator christian hoppe.

The responsible public prosecutor’s office in braunschweig confirmed on thursday the receipt of further tips. "In terms of content, however, we cannot and do not yet want to evaluate them," said official spokesman hans christian wolters. The public prosecutor’s office is investigating a 43-year-old german man on suspicion of murder. The man, who is in custody for other offenses, is suspected of killing the three-year-old british girl on 3. May 2007 from a vacation resort in the portuguese praia da luz to have abducted. According to their own information, the investigators were put on his trail by a tip-off following a ZDF broadcast on the maddie case in october 2013.


Democrats: force release of trump tax returns

Democrats: force release of trump tax returns

Democrats in the u.S. House of representatives want to force treasury secretary steven mnuchin to release president donald trump’s tax returns.

The chairman of the finance and tax committee, richard neal, demanded mnuchin on friday (local time) under threat of punishment to personally deliver within a week the tax returns of trump and several of his companies from the past six years. A corresponding subpoena went at the same time to the head of the tax authority IRS, charles rettig. Mnuchin had informed neal on tuesday that he refused to release the tax returns. Trump reacted angrily to democrats’ push on saturday.

Neal argues, citing a law, that the treasury department is required to release tax returns at the request of the committee chairman. The committee does not have to give a reason for this. Mnuchins had told neal in last tuesday’s letter that the committee’s request for the tax records lacked "legitimate legislative intent". After consultations with the ministry of justice, he was therefore not authorized to release the tax returns.


Farc and colombian government continue peace talks

Farc and Colombian government continue peace talks

Over the weekend, their delegation reviewed president juan manuel santos’ proposal to put a possible peace treaty to a referendum vote.

On monday, the farc rebels rejected this initiative: "a peace treaty is not something that can be solved in a unilateral way," said the guerrilla’s chief negotiator, ivan marquez, in havana. Because santos wants to link the referendum to next year’s parliamentary or presidential election, the rebel group apparently fears the leader could use the vote to his political advantage.

The farc, on the other hand, are demanding the convening of a constitutional assembly to vote on the peace treaty. With the push for a referendum, the government has violated the basic treaty on peace talks, farc leader timoleon jimenez had written in a statement published sunday.


Untersteinach valley bridge is an “architectural masterpiece

Untersteinach valley bridge is an 'architectural masterpiece

Almost ten years ago to the day, on the 11th of this month, the. November 2010, the realization competition for the untersteinach valley bridge over the schorgast and the gallery over the railroad tracks took place at the government of upper franconia. The jury at the time included district administrator klaus peter sollner () and former government department director marion resch-heckel, who was also 1. Vice president of the bavarian chamber of architects, an. The committee had the extremely difficult task of deciding on the right structure.

In the end, the design of the buros dr was chosen. Schaperton’s consult from munich and schneider& partners from kronach and architects schultz-brauns and reinhart from munich – and this despite the fact that some ministry representatives were skeptical about the costs involved.

Futuristic looking structure

A few days before the untersteinach bypass was opened to traffic, BR met with the two jury members underneath the huge structure to take a look back. “Without this competition there would not be this bridge. It is an outstanding architectural masterpiece”, klaus peter sollner, who drives past the futuristic-looking structure almost every day on his way from stadtsteinach to the district administration office, emphasized.