GENERAL NORMSSt. Xavier's College Nevta

  • Attendance

    St Xavier’s college offers an environment suited to the holistic growth of the students. To make the best out of it, students must be present in the campus on all working days, participate in various activities and attend classes regularly. Following the university norm, the college insists on a minimum of 75% attendance.

    If one should absent oneself from classes because of some valid reason, a leave letter duly signed by the parent or guardian should be presented to the college office in advance. If the absence is due to any unforeseen circumstance, the leave letter should be submitted on the day of return.

    Participation in co-curricular and extracurricular activities, like seminars, sports, camps, cultural competitions outside the campus, is encouraged. Students going for such activities should get prior permission from the principal through the professor-in-charge of these programs

    In case of prolonged absence on account of medical reasons, a medical certificate ought to be submitted to the Principal within fifteen days of absence.

    Failure to observe rules regarding the attendance will lead to the loss of attendance, inviting punitive actions, such as reporting to the guardian or debarring from appearing for the university examinations.

    Cultivating good mannersSt, Xavier's College Nevta
    Good manners express a refined character and bring respect not only to the individual but also to the institution; conversely, bad manners indicate lack of grooming and earns disrepute. Xavierites should therefore endeavor to cultivate good manners and polite behavior. This includes:

    1. Always be punctual in reporting to various activities.
    2. When a respectable person – a teacher or a guest – enters the room where you are seated, rise and remain standing till he/she sits or signals to you to be seated.
    3. Maintain silence in a discourse until your turn comes.
    4. Practice and promote respect and cordiality to others.
    5. Maintain personal hygiene and environmental cleanliness.
    6. Avoid littering; throw waste in the waste bin and encourage others to do so.
    7. Handle the college property with care.
    8. Do not disfigure walls or furniture.
    9. Offer to make good the damage done to other’s property.
    10. Reach out to those in need of your help.
    11. Wait for your turn, when many people are seeking service from the same source.
    12. Inform the persons concerned, if you cannot meet a commitment.
    13. Get permission if you are unable to follow a norm.
    14. Leave the toilets, wash basins, tables, etc. clean after use.
    Matters of disciplineSt. Xavier's College Nevta
  • During class hours, students shall not be found loitering on the college campus.
  • After the second bell, strict silence is to be observed in the class by all the students. If the professor happens to come late, students shall maintain silence inside the class.
  • During free hours, students are expected to make good use of the library.
  • Insubordination to those in authority, habitual neglect of class work, vulgarity in word and deed, deliberate vandalism, stealing, being a nuisance in the class, habitual neglect of study, etc. are sufficient reasons for disciplinary action.
  • Only those electronic items which are necessary for the programs of the college are allowed to be brought to the college. When they are brought, they must be used as per the directions of the authorities/teachers.
  • Do not use mobile phones where silence is required – classroom, auditorium, library, etc.
  • Obscene books and periodicals, tobacco, alcohol and drugs in any form, are strictly forbidden in the college campus.
  • Students are forbidden to bring transistors, crackers, explosives and other dangerous materials to the college.
  • Ragging of any sort by any student is forbidden on the college campus. Instant dismissal is the usual punishment for any offenders in this regard.
  • The dress should be suited to a place of serious work – neat and clean without show. Personal cleanliness, the cleanliness of the class rooms and surroundings and beauty of the college campus need to be maintained.
  • Be mindful of the massive amount of sacrifice that your parents and the nation are making for your all-round education. To repay, let your parents, guardians and teachers be proud of your conduct at home and in society.