St. Xavier's College NevtaThe realization of this goal requires college to respond to its setting. The complexity of the milieu requires the college to adopt a multipronged approach, each corresponding to one or more salient feature of the complexity. First, following the current social-environmental awareness, the college gives priority not only to the establishment of a just and caring social order but also to the protection and conservation of the environment. Secondly, the college seeks a cultural change. Situated in an ancient city, rooted in tradition and resistant to any radical change in the existing socio-cultural structures, it feels called to work for the transformation of society so as to bring about a cultural emancipation of the youth by means of higher education. Thirdly, the cultural-religious pluralism invites the college to enter into a creative dialogue with the local culture in order to bring about social harmony and cultural liberation. Lastly, as an institution of higher education, it feels called not only to provide an environment and training context for the students to prepare themselves to earn a living and to meet the challenges of life, but also to contribute to the growth of knowledge through study and research.


We visualize history as a dynamic process through which the universe, using human instrumentality, evolves into a state of perfection – a time when the glory of God will be fully manifested. St. Xavier’s College aims to be a catalyst in that evolutionary process leading to the perfection of the universe and the glory of God.